Bagaces Canton
Bagaces is the fourth canton
Cantons of Costa Rica
This is a list of the cantons of Costa Rica.Cantons are the second-level administrative division of Costa Rica. The country's seven provinces are subdivided into 81 cantons , and these are further subdivided into districts .A unique feature of the cantons is that they are the only administrative...

 in the province of Guanacaste
Guanacaste Province
Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica located in the northwestern part of the country, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. To the north it borders Nicaragua. To the east is the Alajuela Province, and to the southeast is the Puntarenas Province. It is the most sparsely populated of all the...

 in Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica , officially the Republic of Costa Rica is a multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east....

. The canton covers an area of 1,273.49 km², and has a population of 17,087. Its capital city is also called Bagaces.

The Río Salto on the west and Río Tenorio on the east delineate this canton, with the Río Tempisque as the southern border and the northern border high in the Cordillera de Guanacaste. Miravalles Volcano sits near that border's midway point.


The canton of Bagaces is subdivided into four districts
Districts of Costa Rica
| The cantons of Costa Rica are subdivided into 473 districts .-References:...

  1. Bagaces
    Bagaces District
    Bagaces District is a district in Bagaces Canton, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The town of Bagaces is the administrative seat. The Inter-American Highway runs east west through the middle of the district.-Communities:...

  2. La Fortuna
  3. Mogote
    Mogote de Bagaces
    Mogote de Bagaces, also known as Guayabo de Bagaces, is a district in Costa Rica, located 23 km north of Bagaces, at the foot of the Miravalles Volcano...

  4. Río Naranjo

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