Aubagne is a commune located 17 km (10.6 mi) east of Marseille
Marseille , known in antiquity as Massalia , is the second largest city in France, after Paris, with a population of 852,395 within its administrative limits on a land area of . The urban area of Marseille extends beyond the city limits with a population of over 1,420,000 on an area of...

 in the Bouches-du-Rhône
Bouches-du-Rhône is a department in the south of France named after the mouth of the Rhône River. It is the most populous department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. Its INSEE and postal code is 13.-History of the department:...

 department in southern France
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The French Foreign Legion
French Foreign Legion
The French Foreign Legion is a unique military service wing of the French Army established in 1831. The foreign legion was exclusively created for foreign nationals willing to serve in the French Armed Forces...

 has its headquarters there. Public transport has been free at the point of use since the year 2000.


It is located in the Huveaune
The Huveaune is a river in France. It is 48 kilometres long and rises in the Castelette cave at 590 m in the Sainte-Baume mountain range. It flows through Auriol, Roquevaire, Aubagne, and the metropolitan area of Marseille. It discharges into the Mediterranean Sea at...

 valley and surrounded by the mountain ranges of Garlaban
Garlaban is a hill which looks out to Aubagne. The summit is 715 metres high although its highest point is the butte des pinsots .It can be seen from most of the southern part of Bouches-du-Rhône, from Marseille to the valley of Huveaune, through to the motorway in Toulon and the one in...

, and Sainte-Baume
The Sainte-Baume is a mountain ridge spreading between the départements of Bouches-du-Rhône and Var in southern France...

 to the north and Douard to the south.



The Gare d'Aubagne
Gare d'Aubagne
Gare d'Aubagne is a railway station serving the town of Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône department, southeastern France. It is situated on the Marseille–Ventimiglia railway....

 railway station is served by regional trains towards Marseille and Toulon. Aubagne was the first commune in France to be completely surrounded by motorways: the autoroute
Autoroutes of France
The Autoroute system in France consists largely of toll roads, except around large cities and in parts of the north. It is a network of worth of motorways. Autoroute destinations are shown in blue, while destinations reached through a combination of autoroutes are shown with an added autoroute logo...

s A50
A50 autoroute
The A50 autoroute is a French motorway connecting Marseille to Toulon.The first section was opened in 1962 between Marseille and Aubagne. It is 65 km long. The road is toll between Roquefort-la-Bédoule with Sanary-sur-Mer and managed by ESCOTA. This section was the first to trial Télépéage or...

 Marseille-Toulon, A52
A52 autoroute
The A52 autoroute is a motorway in south east France. The road runs from the Péage de La Barque on the A8 at Aubagne to the A50.The road is the length of 23 km, it is a toll road and is operated by ESCOTA.-Junctions:...

 Aubagne-Aix-en-Provence and the connecting motorway A501.

A 9 km tram
A tram is a passenger rail vehicle which runs on tracks along public urban streets and also sometimes on separate rights of way. It may also run between cities and/or towns , and/or partially grade separated even in the cities...

 network is planned, Line 1 from the station to Le Charrel and Line 2 from the station to La Penne-sur-Huveaune. Construction will start in 2012 for opening from 2014.

Aubagne made Public transport by bus zero-fare in May 2009


  • François-Marie, marquis de Barthélemy
    François-Marie, marquis de Barthélemy
    François, marquis de Barthélemy was a French politician and diplomat, active at the time of the French Revolution.-Diplomat and member of the Directory:...

     (1747–1830), Director
    French Directory
    The Directory was a body of five Directors that held executive power in France following the Convention and preceding the Consulate...

     of the First French Republic
  • Alain Bernard
    Alain Bernard
    Alain Bernard is a French swimmer from Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône.Bernard won three medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics. After competing on the silver medal-winning French 4×100 m relay team, Bernard won the gold medal in the men's 100 m freestyle event.He held the same 100 m...

     (born 1983), swimmer
  • François-Urbain Domergue
    François-Urbain Domergue
    François-Urbain Domergue was a French grammarian and journalist known for his Jacobin ideals .-Biography:Born to an apothecary, Domergue studied in his hometown of Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône and later at an oratory college in Marseille...

     (1745–1810), grammarian and journalist
  • Marcel Pagnol
    Marcel Pagnol
    Marcel Pagnol was a French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. In 1946, he became the first filmmaker elected to the Académie Française.-Biography:...

     (1895–1974), novelist, playwright and filmmaker
  • Count Honoré Joseph Antoine Ganteaume
    Honoré Joseph Antoine Ganteaume
    Count Honoré Joseph Antoine Ganteaume was a French admiral.Ganteaume was born to a family of merchant sailors, and sailed on a dozen commercial cruises in his youth...

     (1755 - 1818), French admiral.

In popular culture

Aubagne is referred to frequently in the film Manon des Sources. It is the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol
Marcel Pagnol
Marcel Pagnol was a French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. In 1946, he became the first filmmaker elected to the Académie Française.-Biography:...

, the French novelist, playwright and filmmaker who wrote the novel on which the film is based.

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