Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest is an American
United States
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 monthly magazine
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. Its principal subject is interior design
Interior design
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, not — as the name of the magazine might suggest — architecture
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 more generally. The magazine is published by Condé Nast Publications
Condé Nast Publications
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 and was founded in 1920, by the Knapp family, who sold it in 1993. Condé Nast also publishes 6 international editions.

Architectural Digest is aimed at an affluent and style-conscious readership. It bills itself as the "International magazine of interior design". Each issue is largely devoted to the critique and analysis of trends and fashions in interior design, interspersed with many advertisements
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, in much the same manner as Vogue, another Condé Nast publication. Every few years, the magazine announces its list of top 100 designers in the US and abroad.

Starting in 1971, Paige Rense
Paige Rense
Paige Rense, aka Paige Rense Noland is the editor emeritus of Architectural Digest, where she served as editor in chief from 1975 until 2010. She is also the founder of the Arthur Rense Prize poetry award...

 served as the magazine's editor-in-chief. Rense announced her retirement from that position on June 3, 2010 and will become an editor emeritus. She has been replaced by Margaret Russell
Margaret Russell
Margaret Angèle Russell is the former vice president, editor-in-chief of brand content of the shelter magazine Elle Decor, a position she held since July 2000. On 5 August 2010 Thomas J. Wallace, editorial director of Condé Nast, announced Russell's selection to be editor-in-chief of Architectural...

, previously the editor of Elle Decor
Elle Decor
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. Since the change in editorial staff, the magazine has seen a shift towards featuring lighter, more open interiors, brighter photography, and a sleeker graphic style, as evidenced by the extensive use of Helvetica Neue in the magazine's redesign.

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