Arbeidet was a Norwegian newspaper, published in Bergen
Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with a population of as of , . Bergen is the administrative centre of Hordaland county. Greater Bergen or Bergen Metropolitan Area as defined by Statistics Norway, has a population of as of , ....

 in Hordaland
is a county in Norway, bordering Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud, Telemark and Rogaland. Hordaland is the third largest county after Akershus and Oslo by population. The county administration is located in Bergen...


Arbeidet was started in Bergen as a socialist newspaper on 6 December 1893, by a grouping called . It was the first socialist daily newspaper in Norway. The first editor was Johan Frogner; Henrik Martin Olofsson edited the newspaper around 1899, and noted editor Ivar Angell-Olsen assumed office in 1904. A former editor of Ny Tid
Ny Tid (Trondheim)
Ny Tid was a Norwegian newspaper established in 1899 by the typographers Joh. Halseth and Alf Scheflo at the same time as they established their own printing office in Trondheim. The publishers meant to create a worker's newspaper, not a socialist paper...

, he introduced a degree of sensationalism
Sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers...

 in the newspaper and increased its circulation. In 1905 the newspaper got a formal tie to the Norwegian Labour Party
Norwegian Labour Party
The Labour Party is a social-democratic political party in Norway. It is the senior partner in the current Norwegian government as part of the Red-Green Coalition, and its leader, Jens Stoltenberg, is the current Prime Minister of Norway....

 in Bergen. Angell-Olsen remained editor until January 1914, when he left with immediate effect. The reason was "an internal party affair" in which Angell-Olsen did not want to "go into detail".

The newspaper was edited by Olav Scheflo
Olav Scheflo
Olav Scheflo was a Norwegian Communist politician and journalist.Olav Scheflo was a member of the Norwegian Labour Party from 1905...

 from 1914 to 1918, and Sverre Krogh
Sverre Krogh (Nazi)
Sverre Krogh was a Norwegian actuary, newspaper editor and politician for the Labour and Communist Labour parties. He later became a Nazi, working for Norwegian and German Nazis during the Second World War.-Early life and labour movement:...

 from 1918. Other noted staff include Andreas Paulson
Andreas Paulson
Andreas Paulson was a Norwegian bank accountant, literary critic and theatre critic.He was born in Bergen as the son of politician Olav Paulssøn and Anna Kristine Christofa Hagerup . His family had moved from Jølster the year before he was born, and Paulson spent most of his life in Bergen...

, critic from 1895 to 1929, Otto Luihn
Otto Luihn
Otto Luihn was a Norwegian newspaper editor, magazine editor and poet.He was born as Otto Killingland in Drammen as a son of attorney Samuel Killingland and Johanne Louise Luihn , and a grandson of Hans Jacob Luihn...

, journalist from 1919 to 1923, and Alfred Madsen, subeditor from 1919 to 1920.

In 1923 the communists in the Labour Party broke away to form the Communist Party
Communist Party of Norway
The Communist Party of Norway is a political party in Norway without parliamentary representation. It was formed in 1923, following a split in the Norwegian Labour Party. The party played an important role in the resistance to German occupation during the Second World War, and experienced a brief...

, and Arbeidet followed the new party. It became a regional newspaper covering Rogaland
is a county in Western Norway, bordering Hordaland, Telemark, Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder. It is the center of the Norwegian petroleum industry, and as a result of this, Rogaland has the lowest unemployment rate of any county in Norway, 1.1%...

 as well.

Fridthjof Bergmann was hired as editor in 1925, but was soon fired as he was suspected for working with a union with the Labour Party. Reinert Torgeirson
Reinert Torgeirson
Reinert Torgeirson was a Norwegian newspaper editor and politician for the Labour and Communist parties. He was also an active poet, playwright and novelist....

 was editor from 1925 to 1929, and Jens Galåen was editor from 1929. Arvid G. Hansen was hired as editor in 1936. In 1938 Johanna Bugge Olsen
Johanna Bugge Olsen
Johanna Bugge Olsen was a Norwegian writer, newspaper editor and politician for the Labour and the Communist parties.- Biography :...

 took over. However, financially the newspaper did not fare well, partly because the Communist Party prioritized to prop up Arbeideren
Arbeideren was a daily newspaper published in Oslo, Norway.It was started on 2 November 1929 as the official party newspaper from the Communist Party. It lent its name from a Hamar-based newspaper of the same name, which had gone defunct on 4 October. More directly, it replaced Norges...

, and Arbeidet was not released between 14 December 1938 and 30 March 1939. On 9 August 1940 (still with Olsen as editor) it stopped entirely because of the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany
Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany
The occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany started with the German invasion of Norway on April 9, 1940, and ended on May 8, 1945, after the capitulation of German forces in Europe. Throughout this period, Norway was continuously occupied by the Wehrmacht...

. Olsen was later sentenced for treason during the legal purge in Norway after World War II
Legal purge in Norway after World War II
When the occupation of Norway ended in May 1945, several thousand Norwegians and foreign citizens were tried and convicted for various acts that the occupying powers sanctioned...

, for having printed "un-national material" prior to its closing.

Arbeidet resumed publication from 9 May 1945, one day after the war's end, but became defunct after its last issue on 16 November 1949.
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