Antony is an English language
English language
English is a West Germanic language that arose in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England and spread into what was to become south-east Scotland under the influence of the Anglian medieval kingdom of Northumbria...

 variant of Anthony. It can refer to:
  • Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Marcus Antonius , known in English as Mark Antony, was a Roman politician and general. As a military commander and administrator, he was an important supporter and loyal friend of his mother's cousin Julius Caesar...

    , Roman politician and general
  • Antony Flew
    Antony Flew
    Antony Garrard Newton Flew was a British philosopher. Belonging to the analytic and evidentialist schools of thought, he was notable for his works on the philosophy of religion....

    , a contemporary British philosopher
  • Antony Gormley
    Antony Gormley
    Antony Mark David Gormley OBE RA is a British sculptor. His best known works include the Angel of the North, a public sculpture in the North of England, commissioned in 1995 and erected in February 1998, Another Place on Crosby Beach near Liverpool, and Event Horizon, a multi-part site...

    , a contemporary British sculptor
  • Antony Hämäläinen
    Antony Hämäläinen
    Antony Hämäläinen , is a Finnish musician and composer living in the United States.-Biography:In the early 1990s, he started playing bass, drums, and singing for multiple bands based both in the USA and Finland...

    , a Finnish singer for the Melodic death metal
    Melodic death metal
    Melodic death metal is a heavy metal music style that combines elements from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with elements of death metal. The style was developed during the early and mid-1990s, primarily in England and Scandinavia...

     band Nightrage
    Nightrage is a Greek/Swedish melodic death metal band formed by guitarist Marios Iliopoulos and his close friend Gus G. who later re-located to Gothenburg, Sweden.-Sweet Vengeance:...

  • Antony Hegarty
    Antony Hegarty
    Antony Hegarty is an English singer-songwriter, best known as the lead singer of the band Antony and the Johnsons.-Early life:...

    , the English-Irish singer and frontman of Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony and the Johnsons is a music group presenting the work of Antony Hegarty and his collaborators.-Career:British experimental musician David Tibet of Current 93 heard a demo and offered to release Antony's music through his Durtro label. The debut album, Antony and the Johnsons, was released...

  • Antony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev
    Antony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev
    Metropolitan Antony of Kiev was a Russian Orthodox metropolitan bishop, founder of Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.-Biography:He was born Aleksey Pavlovich Khrapovitsky in Vatagino to a family with a noble background. and studied theology at Saint Petersburg Theological Academy. In 1885 he...

    , a Russian Orthodox bishop
  • Antony T.J.,Who designed the Highest & Largest Temporary Stadium in the per Guinness Book of World Records
  • Antony Rea
    Antony Rea
    Antony Rea is an French professional mixed martial artist. Antony is a Cage Rage veteran and has fought for Shooto, bodogFIGHT and Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki. He is notable for his fights with Ultimate Fighting Championship contenders Vitor Belfort, Marvin Eastman, Jason MacDonald, Kazuo Takahashi,...

    , a French mixed martial artist
  • Anthony the Great
    Anthony the Great
    Anthony the Great or Antony the Great , , also known as Saint Anthony, Anthony the Abbot, Anthony of Egypt, Anthony of the Desert, Anthony the Anchorite, Abba Antonius , and Father of All Monks, was a Christian saint from Egypt, a prominent leader among the Desert Fathers...

    , also known as Antony (c251-356), Egyptian saint

  • Antony, Belarus, a village in the Hrodna Voblast
    Hrodna Voblast
    Hrodna Voblast or Grodno Oblast is a voblast in northwestern Belarus.The capital - Grodno is the biggest city of the province. It lies on the Neman River. Grodno's existence is attested to from 1127. Two castles dating from the 14th - 18th centuries are located here on the steep right bank of...

     of Belarus
  • Antony, Cornwall
    Antony, Cornwall
    Antony is a coastal civil parish and a village in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.The village is situated on the Rame Peninsula about three miles west of Torpoint and has a shop, a pub and a garage....

    , a village in Cornwall, United Kingdom
    • Antony House
      Antony House
      Antony House is the name given to an early 18th-century house, which today is in the ownership of the National Trust. It is located between the towns of Torpoint and the village of Antony in the county of Cornwall, United Kingdom...

  • Antony, Hauts-de-Seine
    Antony, Hauts-de-Seine
    -Personalities:Antony was the birthplace of:* Nicola Sirkis singer with the French band Indochine* Agnès Jaoui screenwriter, film director and actress* Laurent Lafforgue , mathematician-International relations:...

    , a commune in the Hauts-de-Seine département of France
  • Antony (Paris RER)
    Antony (Paris RER)
    Antony is a station of the Paris RER. It is named after the city of Antony, Hauts-de-Seine where the station is located. The station allows the transfer from the RER B to Orlyval, a small automatic light rail line which runs a shuttle service to Orly Airport.-History:* 1937: Station built as part...

     a train station on the RER B
    RER B
    The RER B is one of the five lines in the RER rapid transit system serving :Paris, France.The line runs from the northern termini Aéroport Charles de Gaulle and Mitry-Claye to the southern termini Robinson and Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse ....

     line in Paris
    Paris is the capital and largest city in France, situated on the river Seine, in northern France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region...

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