Ambler (SEPTA station)
Ambler is a station along the SEPTA Lansdale/Doylestown Line
Lansdale/Doylestown Line
The Lansdale/Doylestown Line is a SEPTA Regional Rail line connecting Center City Philadelphia to Doylestown in Bucks County.-Route:The Lansdale-Doylestown segment of the R5 line utilizes what is known as the "SEPTA Main Line", a four-track line that has been owned by SEPTA since 1983...

 (formerly the R5). The station is officially located at the intersection of Butler Avenue and Main Street in Ambler, Pennsylvania
Ambler, Pennsylvania
Ambler is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in the United States, approximately 16 miles north of Philadelphia.- Village of Wissahickon:...

, however the actual location is on Butler Avenue and Short Race Street, a block west of Main Street. The station includes a 496-space parking lot. The Trax Restaurant & Café operates out of the former station house, which was originally built by the Reading Railroad. The station was briefly featured in the 1966 movie The Trouble with Angels, although subsequent station scenes were shot at the Glendale Transportation Center in California.

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