Almami is a title of West African Muslim rulers, used especially in the conquest states of the 19th century. It is a contraction of Amir al-Mu'minin (Arabic أمير المؤمنين), usually translated "Commander of the Faithful" or "Prince of the Faithful" (a better translation might be "Emperor of the Believers"). In the Arabic world, Amir al-Mu'minin is similar to Caliph
The Caliph is the head of state in a Caliphate, and the title for the ruler of the Islamic Ummah, an Islamic community ruled by the Shari'ah. It is a transcribed version of the Arabic word   which means "successor" or "representative"...

s and to other independent sovereign Muslim
A Muslim, also spelled Moslem, is an adherent of Islam, a monotheistic, Abrahamic religion based on the Quran, which Muslims consider the verbatim word of God as revealed to prophet Muhammad. "Muslim" is the Arabic term for "submitter" .Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable...

 rulers that claim legitimacy from a community of Muslims. It has been claimed as the title of rulers in Muslim countries and empires and is still used for some Muslim leaders.

Famous holders of the title

  • The Almani are a tribe of Baloch people
    Baloch people
    The Baloch or Baluch are an ethnic group that belong to the larger Iranian peoples. Baluch people mainly inhabit the Balochistan region and Sistan and Baluchestan Province in the southeast corner of the Iranian plateau in Western Asia....

     living in Punjab (in Jhang, Shorkot, Muzafargrah, D.G. Khan, and Sadiqabad) and in Sindh (in Obaro, Sakhar, Hayderabad, Badin, Nosheroferoz, Nawabshah, Sakrand, Thatta and Karachi).
  • Sardar Saghir Ahmad Khan Almani: Famous Almani Balouch tribe Leader in Tehsil Ahmad Pur Sial District Jhang
  • Ibrahima Sori Yero Poore aka Almami Sori Mawɗo of the Fulɓe Kingdom of Fouta Djallon
    Kingdom of Fouta Djallon
    The Kingdom of Fouta Djallon was a pre-colonial West African state based in the Fouta Djallon highlands of modern Guinea.-Origin:...

     Fulani state.
  • Bokar Biro Barry of the Kingdom of Fouta Djallon
    Kingdom of Fouta Djallon
    The Kingdom of Fouta Djallon was a pre-colonial West African state based in the Fouta Djallon highlands of modern Guinea.-Origin:...

     Fulani state.
  • Rulers of the Mossi state of Liptako
    Rulers of the Mossi state of Liptako
    Territory located in present-day Burkina Faso.Almami = Ruler-See also:*Burkina Faso**Mossi states***Rulers of the Mossi state of Gurunsi***Rulers of the Mossi state of Gwiriko***Rulers of the Mossi state of Tenkodogo...

  • Almany Niamody of the Toucouleur
    Toucouleur Empire
    The Toucouleur Empire was founded in the nineteenth century by El Hadj Umar Tall of the Toucouleur people, in part of present-day Mali....

     vassal state of Kaarta
    Kaarta, or Ka'arta , was a short-lived Bambara kingdom in what is today the western half of Mali.As Bitòn Coulibaly tightened his control over Ségou, capital of his newly-founded Bambara Empire, a faction of Ségou Bambara dissatisfied with his rule fled west...

  • Samori Ture
    Samory Toure was the founder of the Wassoulou Empire, an Islamic state that resisted French rule in West Africa from 1882 until his capture in 1898.-Early life and career:...

     of the Wassoulou Empire
    Wassoulou Empire
    The Wassoulou Empire, sometimes referred to as the Mandinka Empire, was a short-lived empire of West Africa built from the conquests of Dyula ruler Samori Ture and destroyed by the French colonial army....

  • Maba Diakhou Bâ
    Maba Diakhou Bâ
    Maba Diakhou Bâ was a marabout from Rip, and a disciple of the Tijaniyya sufi brotherhood...

    , almamy of Rip in the Saloum region of Senegal.

Proper name

In recent times the word has become a proper name in some areas of West Africa in honor of the historical figures known by the title.
Malian may refer to:* Something of, from, or related to Mali, a country in West Africa.* A person from Mali or of Malian descent. For information about the Malian people, see Demographics of Mali and Culture of Mali. For specific persons, see List of Malians....

 independence leader Almamy Sylla and Guinea
Guinea , officially the Republic of Guinea , is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea , it is today sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from its neighbour Guinea-Bissau. Guinea is divided into eight administrative regions and subdivided into thirty-three prefectures...

n football player Almamy Schuman Bah
Almamy Schuman Bah
Almamy Schuman Bah is a Guinean football player.He was part of the Guinean 2004 African Nations Cup team, who finished second in their group in the first round of competition, before losing in the quarter finals to Mali. In 2004, he went from FC Metz to Turkish Super League team Malatyaspor...

are examples.
Behram Ahmed Khan Almani(Junior Sardar )
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