Ali ibn Hammud al-Nasir
Ali ibn Hammud al-Nasir (died 22 March 1018) was the sixth Caliph of Córdoba from 1016 until his death. Of Berber origin, he was a member of the Hammudid dynasty
Hammudid dynasty
The Hammudid dynasty was a Zaydi Shia Muslim berberised dynasty of Arab origins, in the Caliphate of Córdoba region of Al-Andalus, in present day southern Spain...

 of the Al-Andalus
Al-Andalus was the Arabic name given to a nation and territorial region also commonly referred to as Moorish Iberia. The name describes parts of the Iberian Peninsula and Septimania governed by Muslims , at various times in the period between 711 and 1492, although the territorial boundaries...

The description Moors has referred to several historic and modern populations of the Maghreb region who are predominately of Berber and Arab descent. They came to conquer and rule the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years. At that time they were Muslim, although earlier the people had followed...

 medieval Iberia
Iberian Peninsula
The Iberian Peninsula , sometimes called Iberia, is located in the extreme southwest of Europe and includes the modern-day sovereign states of Spain, Portugal and Andorra, as well as the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar...



He was named governor of Ceuta
Ceuta is an autonomous city of Spain and an exclave located on the north coast of North Africa surrounded by Morocco. Separated from the Iberian peninsula by the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta lies on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Ceuta along with the other Spanish...

 after 1013 by caliph Sulayman ibn al-Hakam
Sulayman ibn al-Hakam
Sulayman II ibn al-Hakam was the fifth Umayyad Caliph of Córdoba, ruling from 1009 to 1010, and from 1013 to 1016 in the Al-Andalus .-Biography:...

. Taking advantage of the anarchy then existing in the reign, he conuered Tangiers, also in Africa, then, after occupying the Iberian port of Algeciras
Algeciras is a port city in the south of Spain, and is the largest city on the Bay of Gibraltar . Port of Algeciras is one of the largest ports in Europe and in the world in three categories: container,...

, he moved to Málaga
Málaga is a city and a municipality in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain. With a population of 568,507 in 2010, it is the second most populous city of Andalusia and the sixth largest in Spain. This is the southernmost large city in Europe...

. After conquering also the latter, he moved with his mercenary army to the capital, Córdoba
Córdoba, Spain
-History:The first trace of human presence in the area are remains of a Neanderthal Man, dating to c. 32,000 BC. In the 8th century BC, during the ancient Tartessos period, a pre-urban settlement existed. The population gradually learned copper and silver metallurgy...

, capturing it on 1 July 1016. Caliph Suleyman was first imprisoned and then, after news of the death of the former caliph, Hisham II al-Hakam, arrived in the city, beheaded.

Ali was elected caliph, adopting the title (laqab) of al-Nasir li-din Allah ("Defensor of the Religion of God"). Initially the population welcomed him for his impartality; however, later both his severity and the appearance of a pretender from the previous ruling dynasty of the Umayyads, Abd ar-Rahman IV
Abd ar-Rahman IV
Abd ar-Rahman IV Mortada was the Caliph of Cordoba in the Umayyad dynasty of the Al-Andalus , succeeding Suleiman II, in 1018. That same year, he was murdered at Cadiz while fleeing from a battle in which he had been deserted by the very supporters which had brought him into power...

, his popularity fell down and he was assassinated on 22 March 1018. Abd-ar-Rahman was elected caliph, but he was in turn ousted by Ali's brother, al-Qasim al-Ma'mun
Al-Qasim ibn Hammud al-Ma'mu
Al-Qasim al-Mamun was caliph of Córdoba in Spain for two periods, 1018 to 1021, and again for a short time in 1023.This was during a short period when the caliphate was held by the Hammudid dynasty....

, governor of Seville
Seville is the artistic, historic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia and of the province of Seville. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir, with an average elevation of above sea level...



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