Alguien Te Mira (2010)
Alguien Te Mira is a Spanish-language telenovela
A telenovela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão , and novela, a Spanish or Portuguese word for "novel"...

 to be produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

. This Thriller mystery is a remake of Chilean telenovela Alguien te mira
Alguien Te Mira
Alguien te mira was a night-time telenovela from Televisión Nacional de Chile. Directed by María Eugenia Rencoret, produced by Daniela Demichelli and written by Pablo Illanes and Nona Fernández...

 produced by TVN in 2007.This telenovela was sold to 12 countries around the world so far.

Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

 scheduled to air this series for fall 2010–2011 season and will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

This show's jazzy, English-language recurring theme is You Still Love Me, performed by Ray Chang
Ray Chang
Raymond Y. Chang is the pastor of in Buena Park, CA, founder of the AmbassadorNet, and church planting leader with the Evangelical Free Church of America as well as a working member with Diversity Task Force.- News Articles :**...

. Telemundo extended show from 80 to 116 episodes.


Chicago, 2005

Rodrigo Quintana, Piedad Estévez, Julián García and Benjamín Morandé are "inseparable friends". Full of ideals and future personal projects, they study medicine and dream of working together.

Rodrigo is the most intelligent has the most charm. He's the natural leader of the group. Because of his personality, Piedad falls in love with him. They shared their lives and are passionately in love. In the mean time, Julián loves her silently. But the rough life of Quintana and his drug and alcohol addiction ended up breaking his relationship with Piedad. His actions took him to a point where he disappeared from his friends lives, after an incident that left a dead body and Piedad in hospital room. After this incident, Piedad was never the same person.

Rodrigo Quintana left his friends and his studies to enter a rehabilitation clinic outside Chicago.

Chicago, 2010

Five years later, while Quintana opted for a good lifestyle in a rural clinic, his friends are partners in a plastic surgery clinic, and have made a small fortune, as plastic surgeons of well to do clients.
Just when Benjamín, Julián and Piedad had forgotten about the past, the three doctors find out about Rodrigo Quintana's return, after years in Europe. His return affects everyone's lives and breaks Piedad's daily routine, while realizing that Rodrigo is still the love of her life.

Julián —divorced for a year from Matilde, becomes interested in Piedad again. However, he fears that the story could repeat all over again if Rodrigo takes away the love of this life, Piedad. Rodrigo and Piedad reconnect and she eventually becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, Rodrigo's addiction re starts. Piedad leaves him and Julian jumps in to claim her heart.

But love will not be the only thing that will affect this group of friends. While they were all present at a social event, they are witnesses to a crime. The victim, María Gracia Carpenter, a very well known woman of society, will be the third death that torments the city.

Before her, the mysterious disappearance of Angela Argento, a sophisticated executive, was very closely followed by the media and the police. All the events suggested that they are in the presence of a serial killer, whose victims are beautiful, well to do, independent women. Every victim is assassinated in the same style: a deep and accurate cut in the chest to take away their hearts.

The lead police detective Eva Zanetti is in charge of the investigation. Everyone is a suspect. Slowly the circle will tighten itself and the suspects will begin to be questioned. Only one is the killer. With the passing of the days, one will know his or her identity. Eva, the major detective in this project believes that the reporter is the killer. He's a voyageur, spying people in windows, having sexual relationships, and also video tapping himself with his lovers in the act.
Later on, Eva is kidnapped by the serial killer, known as "El Cazador", who kills each victim one by one by cutting out their hearts. Eva tries to escape from "El Cazador", by getting out through a window, trying to climb a high fence. Unfortunately, she fails in her intent and the killer re-captures her.

On November 23, it's finally revealed that Julian is the serial assassin.
On the following episode Julian murders Eva, making her Julian's 7th victim. Eva's body was found in a public park, by random Bike riders. Eva is laid to rest with a full police ceremony.
However, and unlike the other victims who were found naked, Eva's body was dressed in a black dress and wearing a pearl's necklace. This evidence will be key to the investigation. Later, it is revealed that these items belonged to Julian's mother.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo befriends Daniela Franco, a therapist at the rehabilitation center he's attending in his efforts to stop his addiction and regain Piedad's love.
Days later, Piedad and Julian see them dining in a restaurant. Piedad is feels quite jealous of the budding friendship and confronts them. Aside from that, we see hints that Julian is marking Daniela as his next victim. In reality, he is trying to frame Rodrigo for the murders in order to keep Piedad. We also begin to peek into the causes of his killer's personality.

Other events that occurred in the Novela:

Rodrigo, who previously recovered from his Drug and Alcohol Addiction fails to maintain his recovery after his friend,
Blanca Gordon became the 4th victim of the killer. Piedad tries to help him this time, but things did not really work out.
When Piedad finds out she's pregnant with Rodrigo's baby, she worries about the health risks for the baby due to Rodrigo's problems. Piedad's first thought is to abort the baby, but she quickly changes her mind.
She decides not tell Rodrigo about her pregnancy, but Rodrigo finds out through her gynecologist and tries to convince her that is best for their child not to be born. Piedad refuses. Later on, Rodrigo, after a guilty period, understands the responsibility and the fact that he is becoming a father. He changes his attitude and tells Piedad that she can count on him, and they together. Rodrigo, inspired by the fact that he is going have a child, sticks to his rehab group.

- Tatiana Wood discovers that her sister Camila is having an affair with her husband Benjamin. All hell breaks loose. Benjamin feels her wrath.

-Lucia, the masseuse of the Aesthetics Clinic, is obsessed with Pedro Pablo. She drugs and sexually abuses him. This creates another set of issues between PP and his wife, who begins to "loose it" in her efforts to get her out of their lives.

- It turns out Julian's mother was responsible of Julian's murderous ways. His mother would sleep with him and sexually abused him when he was little. At the age of 18, he committed his first crime, killing his mother. He accused his stepfather of doing this.
Julian Garcia doesn't kill just any women. He only killed the ones who abandoned their children, the ones who leave them aside and
instead of taking care of them, they have parties and work most of the time.

-Julian met Daniela and told her that his name is Daniel and had a romance with her.

- Julian went to Daniela's apartment to capture her and take her to his lair. She found out who he really was and because of that he killed her. He took the body of Daniela to Rodrigo's apartment, and placed her body right next to him in bed.

-Rodrigo woke up and saw Daniela's body. He is shocked to say anything and he shows Benjamin Daniela's body and despite this he does not believe that Rodrigo was not in his right mind and that Rodrigo was on drugs again and that caused him to killed her. Rodrigo told him everything he knows and Benjamin kind of believes him.

- Mauricio suspects Julian because Eva had the same dress as Julian's mother.

- Mauricio goes into Julian's house. Julian catches him and takes Mauricio to his lair. He then kills him, with a chainsaw.

- Maltilde is sad over the loss of Mauricio and starts to remember that Mauricio suspected Julian.

- Maltilde finds the picture of Julian's mother and knows Julian is the "Cazador"

- Maltilde goes into Julian's lair and is caught snooping by Julian.

Matilde tries to escape from Julian, successfully reaches to her car. But Julian chases after her with his car. After a long dramatic chase, Matilde is involved in a serious car accident.
During the chase Matilde stops at the Gas station, calling Tatiana for help, but Tatiana picks up the phone too late. Julian reaches the Gas station as well, captures Matilde and takes her to his car. A worker of the Gas station sees how forcefully Julian takes Matilde to his car and interferes.
Matilde again, escapes from Julian, telling the worker that Julian is "El Cazador". The worker began calling for help but Julian stabs him several times with a knife, killing the worker. Everything is being recorded in a security camera that was present in the Gas Station.
Later, Julian returns to the Gas station taking the computer archives in order to prevent someone to watch him committing crimes.
As the result of her terrible accident, Matilde won't be able to talk or move.

-Julian attacks again, killing his step-father Daniel Vidal, after setting him a trap.
Vidal blackmailed Julian, demanded huge amounts of money from Julian, otherwise he
would send evidences that incriminating Julian, reveling that he is the true serial assassin.
Daniel Vidal had a lawyer who kept the evidences for him. Julian discovered that, goes to his office killing the lawyer and the lawyer's secretary, ripping the secretary's heart. Julian creates a fabricated scene of crime, which makes the police think that Vidal is the murderer.
Later, in order to prevent Rodrigo to be released from prison, he tells the police that at the night Matilde had her accident, Rodrigo escaped
from the Rehabilitation Center. But Rodrigo actually escaped and went to see Piedad, and Piedad herself brought him back to the center, and all that happened before the accident of Matilde occurred.

-Due to Julian's "informing",Rodrigo faces a court, accused of being a cooperator of the murderer. After several months in court
Rodrigo is proven and declared not guilty.

-Piedad gives birth Rodrigo's baby girl. She is called-Sofia.

-Tatiana sleeps with Julian and his desire to kill almost ends up killing Tatiana, but he refuses to and lets her go. Tatiana tells Benjamin she did the same thing he did to her but with his best friend, Julian. Benjamin, furious, confronts Julian and they end up as enemies.

-There is a possibility that Matilde will recuperate, but she has to undergo a surgery in order to recuperate her abilities.
Julian refuses to give his permission to operate Matilde, because he's afraid she
will tell he is the serial assassin. Julian asks Matilde's doctor to wait until after his wedding with Piedad so it wouldn't ruin his perfect plans.

-Luisa and Rodrigo go to Texas together and they find Daniel Vidal's cellmate who reveals important information about Julian.

-Valeria Stewart falls back in drugs because Rodrigo only thinks about Piedad.

-Lola and Lucy have their babies on the same day at the same hospital. Lucy has a boy and Lola has another girl. Lucy kidnaps her baby and flees from the hospital. Now she is wandering around the streets of Chicago carrying her baby in a supermarket cart. Pedro Pablo puts up missing Lucy signs all over Chicago.

-One month later, Lola forgives Pedro Pablo. Everything is ready for Piedad and Julian's wedding. Benjamin decides not to attend because of his rivalry with Julian. Rodrigo is very nervous and scared.

-Julian finally realizes his dream and marries Piedad.
Before the wedding ceremony took place, Emilio Julian and Matilde's son gave Piedad as a gift, his genealogical table project that Emilio was asked to do for school.

Emilio, without the permission of Julian, stole Julian's mother photo and put it on his genealogical table project.
Piedad begins to recall all what Rodrigo and Valeria told her about Julian, and that Eva Zaneti's body was dressed with exactly
the same black dress as Julian's mother wears in the photo. Despite that, she decides to marry Julian.
At the same time, Rodrigo visits Matilde, begs her to give him a sign to finally confirm him that Julian is the serial assassin.
Matilde begins to cry and press Rodrigo's hand.
Rodrigo understands that he is right about his suspicions toward Julian, and runs to rescue Piedad and avoid the wedding.
Unfortunately Rodrigo arrives too late. He witnesses Julian and Piedad leaving their wedding for their Honey Moon
and Rodrigo breaks down, understands that he lost Piedad, the love of his life forever.

-Matilde's surgery was successful and she is able to talk and move again.
Julian desperate because he knows his days of freedom are counted because of Matilde's surgery, tries to escape but he encounters Tatiana
and she drags him to a point which Julian forcefully grabs her and stabs her trying to kill her. She survives the injury but is in a very bad condition.
Julian manages to escape from the hospital, and at this point everybody know that Julian Garcia is the serial assassin.
Rodrigo calls Piedad, telling her to leave Julian's apartment telling her that the police is after him because they already know he is the murderer. Piedad refuses to believe and at this point Julian arrives to the apartment. She sees a blood stain on his shirt and understands that Rodrigo was always right. Julian also confess her that he is "El Cazador"
Julian kidnaps Piedad and her daughter Sofia, puts her to sleep, takes them to his lair.
Valeria follows them with her car reaching to Julian's lair. She could tell at time Rodrigo and the police the location of Julian.
Valeria tries to confront Julian to hit him and rescued Piedad and the baby. But Julian again manages to capture Valeria, he ties her and after Valeria taunts him, he brutally kills Valeria, stabs her several times making her his 14th Victim.
At this time Rodrigo also reaches to Julian's lair, finds out that Julian murdered Valeria and in order to save Piedad and his daughter,
he confronts Julian and they both fight each other.
Julian manages to grab a knife and stab Rodrigo, making Rodrigo unconscious.
Julian pours Rodrigo with gasoline in order to burn Rodrigo alive.


After stabbing Rodrigo, making him unconscious, Julian pours Rodrigo with gasoline, wants to burn him alive.
Finally, Julián lights up the cabin and when Julián tries to escape Rodrigo wakes up in time and fights back Julian.
They both were caught in fire.
Rodrigo and Julian managed to escape from the burning cabin. Julian was running out of the cabin with his whole body on fire, everyone thought it was Rodrigo. but then rodrigo came out with the dead body of Valeria in his hands.
Julian was burned to death but Rodrigo survived with no serious injuries, Several months later, Tatiana survives the injury and She and Benjamin are together again.
Camila graduates University.
Matilde leaves Chicago to begin a new life with her son Emilio in California. Emilio has Julian's ashes in a box and in one point he moves his hair across his face just like Julian did when he was about to kill. So that gives a clue that Emilio will turn out to be a killer. Luisa gets a medal for solving the case of "El Cazador", and Sanchez congratulates her, so she puts her hand out to shake his hand but he hugs her instead.
Pedro Pablo and Lola are together raising their four daughters and the baby Pedrito which is Lucy's son. Lucy is in a mental hospital.
Rodrigo receives an offer to work in North Carolina, and tells Piedad he can't live without her and without their daughter Sofia.
Rodrigo asks her to join him and Piedad accepts and they are together. FIN!

Main Cast In Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Danna García
Danna García
Danna Maria García Osuna is a Colombian actress best known for her roles in telenovelas.The daughter of Colombian singer Claudia Osuna, Danna began her career at the age of four...

Piedad Estévez Main heroine, in love with Rodrigo Quintana.
Christian Meier
Christian Meier
Christian Dietrich Meier Zender is a well-known Peruvian actor and singer in Latin America.-Biography:Christian Dietrich Meier Zender was born in Lima, Peru, the youngest of four children. He is the son of Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957, and Antonio Meier. His father is from Peru and his mother...

Rodrigo Quintana Main hero, in love with Piedad, Piedad's ex-boyfriend, accused of being the killer, was in clinic for rehabilitation, found not guilty, the first person to know who is the murderer.
Rafael Amaya
Rafael Amaya
For the soccer player and coach, see Rafael Amaya .Rafael Amaya , is a Mexican model, singer, and actor.-Biography:...

Julián García Correa Main villain, in love with Piedad, Matilde's ex-husband; marrys Piedad, dies burned alive, El Cazador.
David Chocarro  Benjamín Morandé Tatiana's husband, Rodrigo's best friend, a womanizer & associate of Piedad and Julian.
Géraldine Bazán
Géraldine Bazán
Rosalba Géraldine Bazán Ortíz is a Mexican actress, singer, and anchorwoman currently living in Miami. She's part of Women Fair, Amigos for Kids activities, Latin Book Festivals, in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, In her spare time Geraldine likes to support causes such as the...

Tatiana Wood Benjamin's wife, associate of Matilde, Camila's sister. Julian's lover. (the only one who survived the injure of the murdeder's knife)
Carolina Tejera
Carolina Tejera
Nelly Carolina Tejera is a Venezuelan model and actress.-Biography:Tejera's mother is from Spain and her father is from Guadalajara, Mexico....

Valeria Stewart Fashion model and drug addict. Attends rehab clinic. Loves Rodrigo, 14th/Last victim of the murderer.
Karla Monroig
Karla Monroig
Karla Monroig is an actress, model and television host.-Early years:Karla Monroig was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, located on the southern coastal valley region of the island of Puerto Rico...

Matilde Larraín Julian's ex-wife, mother of Emilio. Has a car accident caused by Julian; was paralysed but has recovered; the second person to know who is the murderer.
Angelica Celaya  Eva Zanetti Police detective. Has a relationship with Julian. Killed. 7th victim of the murderer
Rodrigo de la Rosa
Rodrigo de la Rosa
Rodrigo De la Rosa is a Mexican actor, best known for a list of telenovas. He starred in 3 successful Mexican telenovas, Daniela 2002, El Alma Herida 2003, and La Ley del Silencio 2005, although he has appeared in musicals such as "Man of La Mancha" , "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Les Miserables"...

Pedro Pablo Peñafiel Lawyer; Benjamin, Julian and Piedad's associate, Dolores' husband.
Ximena Duque
Ximena Duque
Ximena Duque is a Colombian actress who rose to fame after appearing as a contestant on the second season of the Telemundo reality competition Protagonistas de Novela...

Camila Wood Tatiana's sister. Benjamin's lover
Yul Bürkle
Yul Bürkle
Yul Hansel Bürkle Solorzano is a Venezuelan actor.-Personal life:He is engaged to actress Scarlet Ortiz, his co-star in Mis 3 hermanas. On March 9, 2010, Scarlet gave birth to a baby girl in Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami named Bárbara Briana...

Mauricio Ostos Reporter. Has a relationship with Matilde, 9th victim of the murderer (sadistically murdered)
Evelin Santos  Luisa Carvajal Police detective, Eva's best friend
Diana Franco
Diana Franco
Diana Franco was born in Cali, Colombia and in 1982 moved to New York City, where she lived and studied. In 1988, in a nationwide televised competition, Diana was crowned Miss Colombia USA. Franco became a TV commercial and editorial model and in December 1990 appeared on her first cover of...

Dolores "Lola" Morandé Benjamin's Sister, Pedro Pablo's wife.
Carlos Garin  Angel Maldonado Police prosecutor, has a realationship with Tatinana
Alba Raquel Barros
Alba Raquel Barros
Alba Raquel Barros is an actress, comedian, and dancer. She is better known for her acting career, and she has won many national awards for her work, both in the television and theatrical fields....

Yoyita The Penafiel's housekeeper.
Iván Hernández
Iván Hernández
Iván Hernández Soto is a Spanish footballer who plays for Sporting de Gijón in the Spanish first division, as a central defender.-Football career:...

Jiménez Police detective, "Prefect"
Andrés Mistage
Andrés Mistage
Andrés Eduardo Mistage Parilli is a Venezuelan model and actor who was won the title of Mister Venezuela on 2003...

Amador Sánchez Police detective, in love with Carvajal
Cynthia Olavarria
Cynthia Olavarría
Cynthia Enid Olavarría Rivera is a Puerto Rican actress, television host, fashion model, and former Miss Puerto Rico who competed in the Miss Universe 2005 beauty pageant.-Early years:...

Lucía "Lucy" Saldana Villain. A masseuse at the clinic. obsessed with Pedro Pablo. Ends up in an insane asylum.
Roberto Gatica  Nicolas The boy who knows who killed the women; Blanca Gordon's son
Andres Cotrino  Emilio García Larraín Only son of Julian and Matilde
Sofia Sanabria  Amparo Daughter of Police Detective Eva Zanetti
Ariana Muniz  Maria Teresa Peñafiel Morandé Youngest daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Nicole Arci  Maria Jesus Peñafiel Morandé Middle daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Natalie Medina  Maria Esperanza Peñafiel Morandé Oldest daughter of Dolores and Pedro Pablo
Daniel Fernándes
Daniel Fernandes
Daniel Fernandes may refer to:*Daniel Fernandes , French Olympic judoka*Daniel Fernandes , Canadian-born Portuguese footballerSee also*Daniel Fernandez...

Benjita Tatiana and Benjamin's son.
Emily Alvarado  Isadora Tatiana and Benjamin's daughter.

Secondary Cast and Special participations

Actor Character Known as
Elvira Romero 1st victim of the murder. She was killed 9 months before Angela Argento and her body was found in the river
Yami Quintero  Angela Argento 2nd victim of the murderer
Marta González
Marta Gonzalez
Martha Sulay González or Marta Solay González was a Colombian woman whose case led to significant reforms in abortion law in that country: as a direct response to the Gonzalez case, the Constitutional Court decriminalized abortion under specific circumstances - most notably, the circumstance of...

Maria Gracia Carpenter Lover of Amparo's father and Benjamin. ' ' '3rd victim of the murderer' '
Arianna Coltellacci  Blanca Gordon drug addict and a fugitive from justice.loves Rodrigo 4th victim of the murderer
Zuleyka Rivera
Zuleyka Rivera
Zuleyka Jerrís Rivera Mendoza is a Puerto Rican beauty queen who held the titles Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2006 and Miss Universe 2006. She made her debut as a telenovela actress in Telemundo's soap opera Dame Chocolate.-Early life:...

Rocío Lynch Tatiana and Camila're cousin. Benjamin's lover. Killed. 6th victim of the murderer
Riczabeth Sobalvarro  Daniela Franco Drug-therapist of Rodrigo, like Rodrigo, has a realtionship with Julian with thinking that his name is Daniel Vidal, 8th victim of the murderer.
Héctor Soberón
Héctor Soberón
Héctor Soberón Lorenzo , better known as Héctor Soberón, is a Mexican actor.-Acting career:...

Daniel Vidal Stepfather of Julian, 13th victim of the murderer.
Merelin Secretary, 11th victim of the murderer
Carlos Cruz Andres Larraín father of Matilde
Carlos Cuervo  Carlos father of Amparo
Cristina Figarola  Fabiola Garcia mother of Julian, killed by Julian
Duvier Poviones  police detective
Itzel Ramos  mother of Lucy
Jeniree Blanco  Amanda "Rodrigo's boss"
Jorge Hernández Edward James Sandberg lawyer and friend of Daniel Vidal, 12th victim of the murderer
Jorge Luis Portales  police officer
Juan Carlos Baena  El Productor Producer, Valeria's boss
Luke Grande  Dr. Gibson Matildes doctor
Markel Berto  Renato Camila's Ex
Norma Matos  Veronica works at the front desk in the medical clinic, protective over piedad.
Osvaldo Strongoli  10th victim of the murderer. Guy in the gas station that tried to help Matilde.
Patricio Doren  Baltazar Toledo drug addict, has schizophrenia, Rodrigo's ex patient& ex drug dealer
Ryan Smith
Susana Pérez  Mercedes Larraín mother of Matilde
Tomas Duval 
Gladys Sandino  nurse
Victoria del Rosal  Amalia Vieyra Worked in prostitution, killed while on the phone with Eva, ' ' '5th victim of the murderer' ' '
Viviana Mendez  Aura Pimentel Piedad's gynecologist
Lynda Brown  Marta Works at front desk along with Veronica at the medical clinic
Daniel Duarte  Police officer plus various "extra" roles


Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule
Alguien te mira Telemundo
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

September 8, 2010. February 25, 2011. Monday to Friday
Alguien te mira October 18, 2010. March 31, 2011 Monday to Friday
Alguien te mira Ecuavisa
Ecuavisa is one of the major television networks in the Republic of Ecuador.Since the start of their transmissions, on March 1st of 1967, the channel is one of the major networks and biggest of Ecuador, It broadcasts on channel 8 in Quito and on channel 2 in Guayaquil...

October 26, 2010. Monday to Friday
 Dominican Republic Alguien te mira Antena Latina February 1, 2011. Monday to Friday
Alguien te mira Galavisión
XEQ is a Televisa TV station, based in Mexico, Distrito Federal. XEQ is the flagship television station of the Galavisión network ....

February 21, 2011. Monday to Friday
 Puerto Rico Alguien te mira Telemundo PR
WKAQ-TV is a full-power television station located in San Juan, Puerto Rico transmitting over digital 2.1. The station is owned and operated by NBCUniversal and is branded simply as Telemundo....

March 7, 2011. August 15, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Serbia Neko te posmatra Prva
Prva Srpska Televizija
Prva or Prva Srpska Televizija or 1Prva is a Serbian commercial television network.Launched in December 2006, the network is owned by Greek Antenna Group since December 2009. From its inception until December 2009, the network was majority owned by global media conglomerate News Corporation...

March 22, 2011. September 1, 2011 Monday to Friday
מישהו צופה בך Viva June 1, 2011 November 9, 2011 Sunday to Thursday
Alguien te Mira Televicentro
Televicentro (Canal 2)
Televicentro is a nationwide terrestrial television channel from Nicaragua owned by Televicentro de Nicaragua, S.A.- History :Televicentro de Nicaragua, S.A. was founded in December 1965 by Octavio Sacasa Sarria, first broadcast in March, 1966. It was the second television channel in Nicaragua,...

July 18, 2011 December 19, 2011 Monday to Friday
Ktoś Cię Obserwuje Polonia1 December 6, 2011 March, 31 2012 Monday to Sunday
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