Alfred Francis Molamure
Sir Alfred Francis Molamure, commonly known as A. F. Molamure, was a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka
Parliament of Sri Lanka
The Parliament of Sri Lanka is the 225-member unicameral legislature of Sri Lanka. The members of Parliament are elected by proportional representation for six-year terms, with universal suffrage. Parliament reserves the power to make all laws...

 and also the first speaker
Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka the Speaker of the Parliament is the individual who chairs the country's legislative body, the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The Speaker fulfills a number of important functions in relation to the operation the House, which is based upon the British Westminster Parliamentary system.The...

 of the Parliament. The first parliament, known as the First State Council
State Council of Ceylon
The State Council of Ceylon was the unicameral legislature for Ceylon , established in 1931 by the Donoughmore Constitution. The State Council gave universal adult franchise to the people of the colony for the first time...

, was ceremonially opened on 10 July 1931, and Molamure was elected as the speaker three days earlier on 7 July. Molamure won the election for the speaker with 58 votes against his opponent's 41. He resigned from the post on 10 December 1934 for personal reasons. He was again elected as speaker after the House of Representatives
House of Representatives of Ceylon
The House of Representatives of Ceylon was the lower chamber of the parliament of Ceylon established in 1947 by the Soulbury Constitution. The House was housed in the old State Council building in Galle Face Green, Colombo and met for the first time on 14 October 1947...

 was introduced after constitutional changes. While presiding over the parliament, Molamure died on 24 January 1951 before his term of office ended. He was educated at S. Thomas' College
S. Thomas' College
The College of St Thomas the Apostle, popularly known as "S. Thomas' College", is a private Anglican school providing primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka...

, and played for his school cricket team. Molamure was married to Adeline Meedeniya.
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