Alfonsas Eidintas
Alfonsas Eidintas is a historian, diplomat, and novelist.


Between 1969 and 1973 Alfonsas Eidintas studied history at Vilnius Pedagogical University
Vilnius Pedagogical University
Vilnius Pedagogical University is a university in Vilnius, Lithuania, which specializes in preparing school teachers and other educators. As of 2007 it had approximately 12,500 students.-History:...

, going on to serve as chief lecturer, docent, head of the Universal History Department, and Deputy Dean at that institution. From 1986 to 1993 he was the Deputy Director for Research at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences' Institute of History
Lithuanian Institute of History
The Lithuanian Institute of History is a state-funded research institution in Lithuania. Governed by national law, it is the country's main institution of history research, concentrating mostly on the history of Lithuania and its neighbouring states....

, receiving his habilitation
Habilitation is the highest academic qualification a scholar can achieve by his or her own pursuit in several European and Asian countries. Earned after obtaining a research doctorate, such as a PhD, habilitation requires the candidate to write a professorial thesis based on independent...

 in 1990.

Eidintas entered diplomatic service in 1993, serving as Lithuania's ambassador to the United States. He has also served as Lithuania's ambassador to Canada, Israel, Mexico, Cyprus, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Norway.

As of 2008, he had authored 16 books and 50 scientific articles about Lithuanian history and politics, and published a work of historic fiction, Ieškok Maskvos sfinkso (In Search of the Moscow Sphinx).


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    Aleksandras Stulginskis
    Aleksandras Stulginskis Aleksandras Stulginskis Aleksandras Stulginskis (born (February 26, 1885 in Kutaliai, in Šilalė district municipality near Tauragė, Lithuania, Russian Empire; died September 22, 1969 in Kaunas) was the second President of Lithuania (1920–1926)...

    . 2001.
  • Jews, Lithuanians and the Holocaust. 2003.
  • Lithuanian emigration to the United States : 1868-1950. 2003.
  • Ieškok Maskvos sfinkso : istorinis romanas. 2006.
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