Alexander Viktorenko
Aleksandr Stepanovich Viktorenko (Александр Степанович Викторенко) is a Soviet cosmonaut. He was born in Olginka, North-Kazakhstan Oblast, Kazakh SSR
Kazakh SSR
The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic , also known as the Kazakh SSR for short, was one of republics that made up the Soviet Union.At in area, it was the second largest constituent republic in the USSR, after the Russian SFSR. Its capital was Alma-Ata . Today it is the independent state of...

 on March 29, 1947. He is married with two children.

He was selected as a cosmonaut on March 23, 1978, and retired on May 30, 1997. During his active career he had been Commander of Soyuz TM-3
Soyuz TM-3
-Mission parameters:*Mass: 7100 kg*Perigee: 297 km*Apogee: 353 km*Inclination: 51.6°*Period: 91.0 minutes...

, Soyuz TM-8
Soyuz TM-8
-Launch and Docking:The Soyuz-U2 rocket was painted with advertisements. During the Soyuz spacecraft's final approach to Mir , the Kurs rendezvous and docking system malfunctioned, so Viktorenko took over manual control and withdrew to 20 metres, and then docked manually...

, Soyuz TM-14
Soyuz TM-14
-Mission highlights:14th expedition to Mir. Included astronaut from Germany.The First Russian Soyuz mission after the collapse of the Soviet Union....

 and Soyuz TM-20
Soyuz TM-20
-Crew:-Mission highlights:20th expedition to Mir.Carried 10 kg of equipment for use by Merbold in ESA’s month-long Euromir94 experiment program. During automatic approach to Mir’s front port, the...

. He has spent a total of 489 days in space.
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