Alexander Trepov
Alexander Fyodorovitch Trepov ' onMouseout='HidePop("33610")' href="/topics/Kiev">Kiev
Kiev or Kyiv is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The population as of the 2001 census was 2,611,300. However, higher numbers have been cited in the press....

 – 10 November 1928, Nice
Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse, with a population of 348,721 within its administrative limits on a land area of . The urban area of Nice extends beyond the administrative city limits with a population of more than 955,000 on an area of...

) was the prime minister of Russia
Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

 from November 1916 until January 1917.


Educated in His Majesty's Page Corps
Page Corps
Page Corps was a military academy in Imperial Russia, which prepared sons of the nobility and of senior officers for military service....

. Worked in the Ministry of the Interior (1889-1892). Elected Marshal of Nobility
Marshal of Nobility
Marshal of Nobility was an elected position in Russian local self-government prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917.- History :Nobility of each province formed a corporation, Noble Society , governed by the Assembly of Nobility with an elected Marshal of Nobility at its head...

 of Pereiaslavl Uezd (1892-1895). Assistant State Secretary (1899).

Member of the special commission to draft a plan for a State Duma
State Duma of the Russian Empire
The State Duma of the Russian Empire was a legislative assembly in the late Russian Empire, which met in the Taurida Palace in St. Petersburg. It was convened four times between 1906 and the collapse of the Empire in 1917.-History:...

, according to the rescript of February 18, 1905, and the Manifesto of October 17
October Manifesto
The October Manifesto was issued on 17 October, 1905 by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia under the influence of Count Sergei Witte as a response to the Russian Revolution of 1905....

. Later, he was sent abroad to study the legislative institutions of Western Europe.

Senator in 1906. Member of the State Council since 1914. Trepov was appointed Transport Minister in November 1915 and prime minister in November 1916, keeping also his position of Transport Minister. He resigned just prior to the February Revolution
February Revolution
The February Revolution of 1917 was the first of two revolutions in Russia in 1917. Centered around the then capital Petrograd in March . Its immediate result was the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, the end of the Romanov dynasty, and the end of the Russian Empire...

 as a result of disagreement with minister of interior Alexander Protopopov
Alexander Protopopov
Alexander Dmitriyevich Protopopov was a Russian statesman, politician Octobrist Party.- Biography :Member of Third and Fourth Dumas...

. He emigrated from Russia after the Bolshevik revolution.

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Fyodor Trepov
Fedor Fedorovich Trepov Senior was a Russian government official.Feodor Trepov began his military career in 1831 by participating in the suppression of the November Uprising in Poland in 1830–1831. He then commanded a cavalry regiment of gendarmes in Kiev...

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