Aleksander Maaker
Aleksander Maaker nicknamed Torupilli-Sass was a folk musician, a player of the traditional torupill
The torupill is a type of bagpipe from Estonia.-Place in Estonian folk music:It is not clear when the bagpipe became established in Estonia...

, the Estonian bagpipe. Maaker was from the Estonian island of Hiiumaa
Hiiumaa is the second largest island belonging to Estonia. It is located in the Baltic Sea, north of the island of Saaremaa, a part of the West Estonian archipelago. Its largest town is Kärdla.-Name:...

. At the time of his death, the only other torupill player was the revivalist Olev Roomet
Olev Roomet
Olev Roomet was an Estonian musician, a violin player, a player of the torupill and a singer in the State Academic Male Choir of Estonia. He became interested in the Estonian bagpipe in his 50s...

, at the time a choir member, though other revivalist such as Ants Taul
Ants Taul
Ants Taul was an Estonian musician and instrument-maker who played a prominent role in the revial of the Estonian bagpipe, the torupill. As early as 1976 , Taul was recognised as one of Estonia's primary bagpipers, with piper Olev Roomet having retired due to ill health.Taul continued to play,...

 took up the instrument and its construction beginning in the 1970s.

Aleksander Maaker learned bagpipe playing from his uncle Juhan Maaker
Juhan Maaker
Juhan Maaker niknamed Torupilli-Juss was an Estonian folk musician, a player of the Estonian bagpipe. He was considered one of the most popular players at the time called the king of bagpipe players....

(1845–1930) (Torupilli-Juss) one of the most popular folk musicians in Estonia called the king of bagpipe players at the time.
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