Adelheid II, Abbess of Quedlinburg
Adelaide II (1045 – 11 January 1096) was Abbess of Gandersheim and Quedlinburg.

Adelaide was born in the autumn of 1045 as the first child of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry III , called the Black or the Pious, was a member of the Salian Dynasty of Holy Roman Emperors...

, and Agnes of Poitou, his second wife. In 1061, she was elected successor to her older half-sister, Beatrice, as Imperial Abbess of Gandersheim. Two years later, Adelaide succeeded her half-sister as Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg. She ruled both abbeys as Adelaide II.

Like her half-sister and predecessor, Adelaide II supported the Holy Roman Emperor throughout the long struggle with the Pope. During her reign, a great fire broke out and destroyed the abbey, so she had the foundations reconstructed. In 1088, Adelaide's brother, Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IV was King of the Romans from 1056 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1084 until his forced abdication in 1105. He was the third emperor of the Salian dynasty and one of the most powerful and important figures of the 11th century...

, used the abbey for trial of Egbert of Meissen, who had unsuccessfully laid siege to the convent.

Adelheid died on 11 January 1096 in Quedlinburg Abbey
Quedlinburg Abbey
Quedlinburg Abbey was a house of secular canonesses in Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was founded in 936 on the initiative of Saint Mathilda, the widow of Henry the Fowler, as his memorial...



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