A2 motorway (Cyprus)
The A2 motorway branches off the A1
A1 motorway (Cyprus)
The A1 motorway marked the beginning of an ambitious government project to link all the main cities on the island with modern 4 lane highways. It is 73 km long and is free of any at-grade intersections...

 at Pera Chorio-Nisou and connects to the A3
A3 motorway (Cyprus)
The A3 motorway is a modern motorway linking Larnaca International Airport, the largest airport in Cyprus, and Ayia Napa, a very popular clubbing paradise. It is 55 km long. The road was built in five phases and took about 10 years to be completed...

. It is locally referred to as the Nicosia
Nicosia from , known locally as Lefkosia , is the capital and largest city in Cyprus, as well as its main business center. Nicosia is the only divided capital in the world, with the southern and the northern portions divided by a Green Line...

 - Larnaca
Larnaca, is the third largest city on the southern coast of Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol. It has a population of 72,000 and is the island's second largest commercial port and an important tourist resort...

motorway (Greek: Αυτοκινητόδρομος Λευκωσίας - Λάρνακας). It is also called "the tube" due to its mostly straight with a very limited number of exits.
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