A3 motorway (Cyprus)
The A3 motorway is a modern motorway linking Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport is an international airport located southwest of Larnaca, Cyprus. Larnaca International Airport is Cyprus' main international gateway and the larger of the country's two commercial airports, the other being Paphos International Airport on the island's southwestern...

, the largest airport in Cyprus
Cyprus , officially the Republic of Cyprus , is a Eurasian island country, member of the European Union, in the Eastern Mediterranean, east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.The earliest known human activity on the...

, and Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is a resort at the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus, famous for its sandy beaches. In recent years, apart from being a family holiday destination, it has become a 'party capital' together with Ibiza, Rimini and Mykonos...

, a very popular clubbing paradise. It is 55 km long. The road was built in five phases and took about 10 years to be completed. The first part of the road until Dhekelia is locally referred as "Larnaca Beltway" (Greek: Παρακαμπτήριος Λάρνακας) and the second part till the end of the motorway as "Dhekelia - Famagusta Motorway" (Greek: Αυτοκινητόδρομος Δεκέλειας - Αμμοχώστου). Its routing takes it past Aradippou
Aradippou is a municipality in Cyprus located on the outskirts of the city of Larnaca. It was established in 1986 following a referendum of local residents. It has a population of approximately 20,000.-Eyxternal Link:*http://aradippou.org.cy/...

, Oroklini
Oroklini is a village located near Larnaca, Cyprus. Due to recent development, the village has grown from 811 inhabitants in 1976 to 3302 in the year 2002...

, Xylotymvou
Xylotymvou is a small town in Larnaca District in south-eastern Cyprus. It is one of the three exclaves surrounded by the Eastern Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a British Overseas Territory, administered as a Sovereign Base Area. The others are the village of Ormidhia and Dhekelia...

, Ormidia, and Xylofagou
Xylofagou is a sprawling Greek-Cypriot village situated close to the A3 Motorway between Dhekelia and Paralimni / Agia Napa. On the edge of an area of a group of several similar villages known as the Kokkinochoria known for growing vegetables, especially potatoes...

. The Larnaca beltway section, until the final phase was completed, used to culminate in an acute bend which was a major accident blackspot.
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