A.C. Alles
Hon. Justice
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 Anthony Christopher Alles or A.C. Alles (1911-2003) was a former Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
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 and also a non-fiction (crime) writer.

Early life

Anthony Christopher Alles was born at Matale
Matale is a town in the hill country of Sri Lanka, from Colombo and from Kandy. It is an area steeped in history and village living. The mayor of Matale is Hilmy Careem, as of May, 2006....

, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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) on 9 July 1911. After receiving his early education under the Jesuit fathers at St.Aloysius College in Galle
Galle is a city situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, 119 km from Colombo. Galle is the capital city of Southern Province of Sri Lanka and it lies in Galle District....

, and at the Ceylon University, he joined the Ceylon Law College as an advocate student, and, after obtaining First Class Honours in his Law Final, was enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court in 1939. He obtained his degree in Laws of the London University in 1942.


In 1942, he joined the Department of the Attorney-General as a crown counsel, and, as a member of the Department, appeared at the Assizes in several important criminal cases for the state on behalf of the attorney-general. Notable amongst such cases were the Whitehouse murder case, the Wilpattu murder case and the Wirawila Tank murder case. He also frequently appeared for the state as counsel before the Court of Criminal Appeal. In 1962, he was appointed solicitor-general, and was leading counsel for the state before the Bandaranaike Assassination Commission.

In 1964, after he was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court, he functioned in the Court of Criminal Appeal, and was a member of the bench which heard the appeals in the Kularatne murder case, the Kalattawa murder case and the Kataragama Beauty-Queen Premawathie Manamperi
Premawathie Manamperi
Premawathi Manamperi was a Kataragama beauty queen who was beaten and murdered in 1971.-Early life:Premawathi was born the eldest daughter of a ten member family. In 1970 she was crowned the festival queen at that year's new year festival in Kataragama.-Death and aftermath:In the midst of the...

,s murder case.

In 1972, while still serving as a judge of the Supreme Court, he was appointed as a member of the Commission of Inquiry established under the Criminal Justice Commissions Act to inquire into the insurgency of April, 1971, and he continued to function as commissioner even after his retirement in July, 1974. Shortly before his retirement, he functioned as the chief justice. He resigned from the Commission in September, 1975, after the major work of the Commission was concluded.

Writing books

After his retirement as chief justice in July, 1974, and his resignation as a member of the Commission of Inquiry under the Criminal Justice Commissions Act, in Sep-1975, Alles spent time in writing on famous criminal cases which included the S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike assassination and those detailed under his complete works. He wrote 22-books in all, and produced on average a book in almost every year from 1975, in which year he wrote on The Tragedy of Adeline Vitharne, which was reprinted as Vol. 7 in his Famous Criminal Cases of Sri Lanka series. His last work was The Murder of a Mystery Man: Charles-Christophe Taschereau, published in July, 1998, at age 87. He passed on New Year's Day in 2003 at age 91.

Works on Sri Lanka's insurrection and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) [People's Liberation Front].
  • Insurgency – 1971 : An Account of the April Insurrection in Sri Lanka by Justice A.C. Alles
  • The JVP 1969 - 1989 by A.C. Alles

Complete Works:


Vol. 1 (July-1977):

(a) The Attygalle Murder Case (b) The Duff House Murder Case (c) The Pope Murder Case (d) The Wirawila Tank Murder Case.
Vol. 2 (July-1978):

(a) The Whitehouse Murder Case (b) The Turf Club Robbery and Murder (c) The Kadugannawa Postal Bomb Murder Case.

Vol. 3 (Dec-1979):

The Assassination of Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike (The Bandaranaike Assassination Case).

[Published in hardcover by Vantage Press, Inc., NY, U.S.A. (1986) as The Assassination of a Prime Minister. ISBN 0-533-06636-0].

Vol. 4 (Sept-1980) [Reprinted in hardcover as Murder Most Foul: 1987]:

(a) The Sathasivam Murder Case (b) The Kularatne Poisoning Case (c) Pauline de Croos - A verdict in dispute (d) Tragedy at Tismada.

Vol. 5 (Sept-1981):

Alfred de Zoysa and the Kalattawa Murders.

Vol. 6 (June-1982):

(a) The Talahena Murder Case (b) The Talpe Poisoning Case (c) The Murder of the Puttalam Widow (d) A Strange Case of Identification (e) The Dream that Revealed a Murder.

Vol. 7 [Second Edition: Sept-1982. First Edition 1975. Published in Sinhala as Wilpattu Sihiwatanaya (1976)]:

The Tragedy of Adeline Vitharne.
Vol. 8 (Nov-1983):

The Galenbindunuwewa Murder Case.

Vol. 9 (July-1984):

(a) The Killing of Arthur Thenuwara (b) Chandrasekera Dias - Murder or Suicide?

Vol. 10 (Sept-1988):

The Sepala Ekanayake Skyjack Trial.

Vol. 11 (Nov-1989):

The Trial of Walisinghe Harischandra and Others.

Vol. 12 (May-1992: hardcover deluxe edition. ISBN 955-95203-4-2):

Mathew Peiris: From Mysticism to Murder.
Other Publications:

(1) Nov-1976: Insurgency-1971- An account of the April Insurrection in Sri Lanka.

(2) Jul-1986: Facets of the Criminal Law.

(3) 1987: Criminal Cases.

(4) Mar-1989: A Glimpse of Paradise - Scenes from the Eastern Province (Travel). (ISBN 955-95203-1-8).

(5) Dec-1990: The JVP 1969-1989 (hardcover. ISBN 955-95203-3-2).

(6) 1993: In the Public Interest - The Rohini Dias Defamation Case and its Sequel (1993. ISBN 955-95203-5-0).

(7) Aug-1994: Selected Essays (Essays on legal and allied subjects)(ISBN 955-95613-7-5).

(8) Feb-1995: The Ranjani Taxi Cab Murder Case. (ISBN 955-95613-8-3).

(9) Jul-1996: Some Celebrated English and American Criminal Cases (ISBN 955-95863-1-4).

(10) Jul-1998: The Murder of a Mystery Man: Charles-Christophe Taschereau (ISBN 955-95863-2-7).

Alles's wife, Adelaide Doreen, has published three books:

(1) Traditional forms of packing & vending. [1982: 46p.: LCCN 93157860. LC MLCS93/07439(H)]

(2) Traditional foods & cookery down the ages. [1997: xi, 110p.: ISBN 9559601814. LCCN 98906093. LC TX360.S72.A431997]

(3) Jest for the pun of it. [1999: x, 123p.: ISBN 9559601822. LCCN 00370486. LC PR9440.9.A45J471999]


He died at age 91 on January 1, 2003 after a brief illness at the Nawaloka Hospital in Colombo, and, according to his wishes, the funeral took place within 24-hours on the following day.

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