1974 Stanley Cup Finals


The Flyers Stanley Cup win triggered the largest celebration in Philadelphia sports history. The day after the Flyers won the Cup, more than two million lined Broad Street
Broad Street (Philadelphia)
Broad Street is a major arterial street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is nearly 13 miles long.It is Pennsylvania Route 611 along its entire length with the exception of its northernmost part between Old York Road and Pennsylvania Route 309 and the southernmost part south of Interstate 95...

 for a ticker-tape parade
Ticker-tape parade
A ticker-tape parade is a parade event held in a built-up urban setting, allowing large amounts of shredded paper to be thrown from nearby office buildings onto the parade route, creating a celebratory effect by the snowstorm-like flurry...

, making it the largest championship parade in the history of Philadelphia sports.

Philadelphia Flyers


Boston Bruins


Philadelphia Flyers 1974 Stanley Cup champions

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