1678 in music


  • June 19 – Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers
    Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers
    Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers was a French organist, composer and theorist. His first livre d'orgue is the earliest surviving collection with traditional French organ school forms...

     is appointed to join Nicolas Lebègue
    Nicolas Lebègue
    Nicolas Lebègue was a French Baroque composer, organist and harpsichordist. He was born in Laon and in 1650s settled in Paris, quickly establishing himself as one of the best organists of the country. He lived and worked in Paris until his death, but frequently made trips to other cities to...

    , Jacques Thomelin and Jean Buterne as an organists of the Chapelle Royale at the French court.
  • John Blow
    John Blow
    John Blow was an English Baroque composer and organist, appointed to Westminster Abbey in 1669. His pupils included William Croft, Jeremiah Clarke and Henry Purcell. In 1685 he was named a private musician to James II. His only stage composition, Venus and Adonis John Blow (baptised 23 February...

     becomes a doctor of music.
  • Seventeen-year-old Giacomo Antonio Perti
    Giacomo Antonio Perti
    Giacomo Antonio Perti was an Italian composer of the Baroque era. He was mainly active at Bologna, where he was Maestro di Cappella for sixty years...

     composes his first opera.
  • The Teatro Grimani is constructed, the grandest opera house in Venice
    Venice is a city in northern Italy which is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. It is the capital of the Veneto region...



  • March 4 – Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Lucio Vivaldi , nicknamed because of his red hair, was an Italian Baroque composer, priest, and virtuoso violinist, born in Venice. Vivaldi is recognized as one of the greatest Baroque composers, and his influence during his lifetime was widespread over Europe...

    , composer (died 1741)
  • July 6 – Nicola Francesco Haym
    Nicola Francesco Haym
    Nicola Francesco Haym was an Italian opera librettist, composer, theatre manager and performer, and numismatist. He is best remembered for adapting texts into libretti for the London operas of George Frideric Handel and Giovanni Bononcini...

    , opera librettist and composer (died 1727)
  • December 30 – William Croft
    William Croft
    William Croft was an English composer and organist.Croft was born at the Manor House, Nether Ettington, Warwickshire. He was educated at the Chapel Royal, under the instruction of John Blow, and remained there until 1698. Two years after this departure, he became organist of St. Anne's Church, Soho...

    , organist and composer (died 1727)
  • probable - Manuel de Zumaya
    Manuel de Zumaya
    Manuel de Zumaya or Manuel de Sumaya was perhaps the most famous Mexican composer of the colonial period of New Spain. His music was the culmination of the Baroque style in the New World; of Spanish, French, Dutch, British, and Portuguese colonial composers, none stand out as much as Zumaya did...

    , composer (died 1755)


  • March - Jacques Hardel
    Jacques Hardel
    Jacques Hardel was a French composer and harpsichordist. He came from family that included two noted instrument makers: his grandfather Gilles Hardel and his father Guillaume Hardel , who was a lute maker and a well-established harpsichordist—in 1673–4 he served as harpsichord teacher...

    , harpsichordist and composer
  • August 5 – Juan García de Zéspedes
    Juan García de Zéspedes
    Juan García de Zéspedes was a Mexican composer, singer, and viol player and teacher.He is thought to have been born in Puebla, Mexico. As a boy he was a soprano in the choir at Puebla Cathedral in 1630 under Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla. In 1664 he succeeded maestro Gutiérrez de Padilla in an...

    , composer (born 1619)
  • September 28 – Maurizio Cazzati
    Maurizio Cazzati
    Maurizio Cazzati was a northern Italian composer of the seventeenth century.-Biography:Cazzati was born in Luzzara, Duchy of Mantua...

    , Italian composer (born 1616)
  • November 18 – Giovanni Maria Bononcini
    Giovanni Maria Bononcini
    Giovanni Maria Bononcini was an Italian violinist composer, the father of a musical dynasty.In 1671 Bononcini the elder became a court musician at Modena. His treatise, Musico prattico, was published in 1673....

    , violinist and composer
  • date unknown
    • Leonora Duarte
      Leonora Duarte
      Leonora Duarte was a Flemish composer and musician, born in Antwerp. She belonged to a wealthy Portuguese-Jewish family. They were marrano, meaning they outwardly acted as Catholics while secretly maintaining their Jewish faith and practices...

      , composer
    • John Jenkins
      John Jenkins (composer)
      John Jenkins , English composer, was born in Maidstone, Kent, and died at Kimberley, Norfolk.Little is known of his early life. The son of Henry Jenkins, a carpenter who occasionally made musical instruments, he may have been the "Jack Jenkins" employed in the household of Anne, Countess of Warwick...

      , composer (born 1592)
  • probable - Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
    Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
    Chiara Margarita Cozzolani , was a composer, singer and Benedictine nun. She spent her adult life cloistered in the convent of Santa Radegonda, Milan, where she became abbess and stopped composing...

    , Benedictine nun and composer (born 1602)
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