Carl Jung
The Collective Unconscious and Active Imagination
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I preface this post by saying I would like to introduce to the Jungian Community a graphic image that most objectifies CG Jung concept of the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.

As much as I am enamored by CG Jung's writings and ideas there is much I do not quite acquiesce to. His basic ideas are extremely progressive and innovative; however, I am more of a down to earth individual and do not take to apparitions and hallucination as such. I am not saying these things do not happen to individuals but I believe that is more towards the individual psychic temperament and how his or her psyche can best deal with these psychic changes.

I am more towards the generic COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS (the field: platform of existence) than a contained fluidic ocean of archetypes. Each archetypal instinct would be indigenous to the individual's psyche though that archetype may have similarities to the mythoi of other cultures around the world. That is a given because the human psyche is universal around the world having that same "platform of existence" from which the instincts emanate as apparitions periodically taking control of the psyche. The archetype itself does not exist, in and of itself, until the instinct is activated by the personal psyche into whatever shape the psyche transmogrifies into (this is similar if not the same idea "Boggart" as depicted in the Harry Potter's series).

For myself Active Imagination is quite simple, I have found that with pen in hand or at the keyboard I am more apt to cull the true nature of the psychology of the soul (psyche: Ego & the Unconscious Mind in the world) from the Judeao Christian Scripture, which I find is Jungian Analytical Psychology to perfection; however, one must first visit the indigenous language of the text and learn it alphanumeric science codified to the storyline.

Through Active Imagination I have argued the texts of the first chapter of Genesis for forty years come this August. During that time I expanded out to the first four chapters of Genesis and periodically beyond. My depth analysis and arguments was with the scientific texts (alphanumeric structure) not with the storyline, which has very little to do with the overall science of the texts. I am more interested in the objective Collective Unconscious not the subjective EGO and its compensator (personal unconscious).

There is a 10 x 10 UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: Prima Materia (Perennial Matrix) that demonstrate in imagery what the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS looks like in its most simplest of graphic forms (in real time). I give the link here for those that would like to study it.

This matrix is a commentary on the MONAD and through the SELF this matrix is projected into the outer world creating the entire star studded universe with its infinite galaxies.

This matrix was known by all religions on earth that build their temples and wrote their sacred scriptures based upon it. Pythagoras used it to develop his mathematical theorems from it. The game of Chess and the science of Astrology is developed from it. Dante Alighieri structured his compositional structure of La Divina Commedia based upon it. Catholicism great artworks are based upon it. IT IS THE WORD OF GOD and it is what inspired the world great civilizations to rise up from dust of the Earth (or should I say the mist of the psyche), which is similar to how the Chess pieces more upon the platform of existence (Chessboard).