Carl Jung
Please help me with suggestions in identifying the prominent archetypes here ?????
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Hi I havent used any forums for a while but hope to find some interesting ideas here
I have long been a fan of jungian psychology especially what ive read on grail mythology etc.
I am a 29 yr old Australian male. I consider myself to absolutely have had a blessed childhood but (typically) im finding adulthood a major struggle. Somewhere between a collapse of male identity and some catastrophic guilt steeped in apathy and well probably my grail moments etc.... ANYWAY

Ive found myself to benefit from drawing and music and poetry over the years and sometimes wished I was brave enough to share it somewhere. Now at least that im a bit older I find the thoughts are clearer than they used to be as pen hits paper and Im sure I can be deferential enough to allow others opinions (though preferably those which are female) because as I consider it, a greater reflection betwixt two things in life has nowhere else ever been accomplished... and its all I am interested in.

Obviously it is most important that a male sense of self worth comes from the attention of a woman but sadly often the feminine aspect of a man can actually surpass the female counterparts' ... particularly in the situation of the son of a single mother for example towards fully fledged manhood. So these men experience countless pitfalls and rejections. Slowly though I intuit a progression of my feelings that I always considered to be for my mother towards a general view on the world around me and within myself I search for some structures that will resonate externally while developing into the types of relationships (husband/father) that I most yearn to embody.


So I guess what im saying is Please Help?