Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I have a book signed by Henry Longfellow
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I love poetry since I was a child, my grandmother was amazing...my great grandfather had to leave his family religion to marry my great grandmother but became very wealthy and so recovered some of his family history...they had 6 children and my grandmother married my grandad...my grandad loved poetry and was told to look through the library and found loads of books but one stood out a book of poetry and passed it onto me....He always told me to mind it and I was just to young to understand and recently I started back at the start and it says "Alice(was my great great grandaunt) all my love now and forever your Henry 1880)....I have been told that my grand aunt was inlove with a poet its a book of Henry Longfellows poems so Im just wondering....All my Grandad said was please mind it ....