Bret Easton Ellis
An invite.
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Hey, if you're like me, and you enjoy writing as much as you enjoy reading Mr Ellis's writing (maybe more), and if you feel you can handle it, then I have a suggestion for you. Bret inspired me to first begin writing, so it seems only fitting to put an invite here.

Maybe some of you have heard of Webook and other such places, well if you want a bunch of muppets to look at your work, then carry on and post it there.

If you want some serious writers/critiquers, you could do no better than become a memeber of a site that rewards and attempts to better young (or old) unpublished talent.

That site, my friends, is

It's pretty easy to remember, so if you really want to improve as a writer, get some decent feedback, as well as peruse and give your thoughts on some talented authors, go check it out and get an account. It's free, and may just be the best thing you do today.

Tell them Leland sent you. I won't get anything for it, but it'll look pretty cool, and I'll be your friend for life.

Hope to see you there sometime.