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My cousin sent me a package (box) priority on 11-23-11 from Theresa Singer 2649 Wingfield rd Norfolk VA 23518 to me, Kevin Riley 412 Jeans Creek Drive... 0 4/20/2016
What is the financial position of us postal service. Also if the us postal service needs money to continue where and how do they get money to continu... 0 1/11/2016
How can I help save the postal service? 0 11/2/2015
Would like to know the number of curbside deliveries in the US. 0 9/2/2015
How do I stop unwanted mail from a specific person? 1 5/15/2015
How do you apply on line to get a post office job 0 5/12/2015
who is the rural carrier union representative for oklahoma district and what is there phone number 0 10/29/2012