United States Postal Service
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My cousin sent me a package (box) priority on 11-23-11 from Theresa Singer 2649 Wingfield rd Norfolk VA 23518 to me, Kevin Riley 412 Jeans Creek Drive McKinney TX 75071 but that was my old address (2 months old at the time) but I DID have a change of address in for my new and current address: Kevin Riley 3400 Craig Drive #515 McKinney TX 75070 SAME P.O. as a matter of fact. THEY kept telling me it had to go back to like Denton center or something and that'd be sent back to them and them ME at new address. It's been FIVE months now and no package and I have been getting forwarded mail. She had no ins or tracking on it. I am very poor and the money had much need CASH (bad idea I know) in it. What can I do or is it hopeless. Kevin Riley