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  Subject Replies Date
Trump's solution to tornadoes. 4 9/12/2019
What was the deadliest tornado in history? 2 8/22/2019
Tornadoes occur more often in the Great Plains of the central United States than anywhere else in the world 2 8/22/2019
Has anyone ever attempted to neutralize the tornado's momentum? 0 5/21/2018
If we freeze up a watersprout before it turns into a tornado to prevent it from reaching mainland and shoot it down when the winds subside ? Will it w... 0 11/21/2017
Disrupting tornados 1 5/31/2017
Do you kow how to stop or manipulate the path of a tornado? 1 12/12/2016
Are the wind velocities in a tornado(or any vortex 4 that matter)always diminishing w/ increased distance from the eyewall, or are they sometimes unif... 0 8/23/2015
What is the fastest speed tornados move with? 2 7/19/2015
Tornado formation and depletion afterrelease of energy 0 5/7/2015
Tornado formation and depletion afterrelease of energy 0 5/7/2015
In you go in one will it suck in into it? 1 4/27/2015
Do tornadoes have a very fast mph column of air?????????? 1 4/19/2015
What was the biggest tornado on record? 0 12/17/2014
Can the Patriarch of Conststinople marry? 0 8/13/2014
Why is there tornado's. like where did they come from. when was the first tornado to actually occur? 1 8/3/2014
There goes the house... 4 5/25/2014
Whats the fastest tornado ever recorded in histroy in there a F-6 or F-7 0 3/19/2014
How much the speed of the tornedo is ? 1 3/7/2014
How tornado form? 1 2/26/2014
F- SCALE 1 2/6/2014
What are the forces that sustain tornadoes and dust devils? 4 2/5/2014
Why does a tornado moves clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in southern hemisphere? amazing! 2 1/13/2014
Hi there , dose anyone know when twister the movie was first shown on tv, and what channel and melbourne australia. or dose anyone know when i... 1 1/8/2014
Where in the world has the most tornados 1 10/7/2013
New of julia boutros 0 6/11/2013
Has Tornado ever occurred in India and if yes then when and what were the impact of it? 2 5/19/2013
Does hail always occur before a Tornado strikes? 2 5/5/2013
Do tornadoes occur in all places? 4 4/11/2013
What causes the tornadoes 2 3/18/2013
What states in the united states are in tornado alley 2 1/22/2013
Do all tornados have funnel clouds? 4 4/9/2012
What are the other names given to a tornado? 2 4/9/2012
Are sea shore areas more prone to tornados? 2 2/4/2011