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Hello, Can I ask someone to help me translate the symbols on the pendant which was brought for me as a gift from Tibet? It is a lotus shaped pen... 0 6/7/2016
Hi, this is my first time posting here! I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what "adventure" or "explore" are in Tibetan? Can't seem to find... 0 5/17/2015
In many parts of the world where fermented milk gel ('yogurt' is now the standard Western term) is a traditional food, it can be prepared in one stage... 0 9/29/2014
The mythical animal known as qilin in Chinese is said (at least in Wikipedia & spinoffs) to be called in Tibetan "hariharipo hariharimo." A possible... 0 9/29/2014
I'm trying to translate a couple words, actually a character's name from Tolkien, Morinethar, whose name was 'Darkness Slayer.' How does one write or ... 0 8/19/2014
Can anybody help me out?...I'm looking for the translation of 'Only God May Judge Me' in Tibetan scrpit...Thanks :) 0 6/30/2014
Is there any resource/tool/person who can help me translate a phrase into Tibetan? I would really appreciate any help 0 4/17/2014
Hi to everyone! I need to write a sign in tibetan language for the university.. but I couldn't find the word that I nedd so if somebody can help me.. ... 3 4/16/2014
Hi, I'm knew in this forum! hi to everyone! I need to write a sign for an university in tibetan language but I couldn't find the word that I need.. if... 0 4/16/2014