Sodium hydroxide
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1 Is Sodium Hydroxide is harmful to human skin when used in cold process soap making? 2 can one claimed his soap is chemical free when he uses sod... 1 2/1/2016
Is Sodium hydroxide in cigarettes?? 1 5/11/2015
When is a respirator needed when useing sodium hydroxide 2 2/17/2015
I have a water filtration sustem that is using Sodium Hydroxide as a chemical agent to solve our iron content present in our well water- Is this chemi... 2 1/8/2015
When a sample of sodium hydroxide is dissolved in water the resulting solution if initially warm. Is the dissolution process exothermic or endothermic... 1 11/4/2014
Lye spotts on eyeglasses from oven cleaner how to remove from glasses? 0 10/30/2014
Can an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide have a pH 13? 1 10/27/2014
What happens when sodium hydroxide is dissolved in water 1 3/3/2014
Sodium Hydroxide? 1 1/25/2014
We have accidently used Sodium Hydroxide on our glass cooler fronts due to a mis-labeled bottle. The result turned into a chalky white almost frosted ... 0 1/25/2014
How do I dehydrate Food Grade Lye for re-use? 1 12/31/2013
Can you show me the chemical reaction of sodium hydroxide and oil? 1 8/4/2013
Our Proffesor performed an experiment in lab on Tuesday.First we did the mass of pre and post 1982 pennies.He then did an experiment without us really... 0 2/4/2013
what industrial companies use sodium hydroxide? 0 11/3/2012
Is it possible to get a heat capacity chart for different concentrations of caustic soda 0 9/21/2012