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Hi, it's me again. Back with another question... how long does it take for officers to get new partners if they need to? The stalker boyfriend wa... 0 2/27/2016
What are the perspectives of the local line police officer and commanders? 0 2/23/2016
How would a patrol officer go about stalking his ex-fiancee? I'm writing a book to hopefully be published ad I need some help. My main character find... 6 2/21/2016
What do they do? what training is needed? what tools or materials are needed in the profession? where and when do these people work? 0 12/13/2014
Does anyone know about albert c lohnes?he was an officer at the boston ma police dept 1920-1925 0 8/9/2014
How many cops risk their lifes everyday? 2 9/30/2013