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When pressure of operation/design of flare is smaller than requirement of nace0175 but all licensors insert nace required at his process data sheet wh... 0 12/24/2016
Raw Water Pipe 0 12/21/2013
I am trying to learn what are the temperatures and pressures involved in the affination, phosphatization and clarification processes of the sugar refi... 0 9/20/2013
Trying to find a list of acromyns used for isometric pipe assembly drawings to include things like "BWF - butt weld flange", "WOL - weldolet", "TOL - ... 0 5/7/2013
We are using A672 C65 CL32 Pipe Nace + HIC for sour flare with (H2S>500PPM)up to 68" size. We want to extend the same piping material for 106" line. T... 1 11/14/2012