Petrified wood
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LHH will attend FIME2012 0 5/14/2016
How to make your support service efficiently? 0 5/10/2016
I am running a small business online now and i really do not want to do too much job one customer service. Can i use a help desk software? What is the... 0 5/10/2016
The wood 1 5/10/2016
How do you make it? 1 5/10/2016
I have petrified wood havy like amarble and also looks amarble 0 1/23/2016
Is Petrified Wood a fossils 0 10/17/2015
Does petrified wood have different levels of petrification? Because i found a log (2'x8") in the river-it sounded like rock-it was extremely heavy-bu... 0 5/30/2015
Just wandering about some facts on petrified wood, and i couldn't find them on 0 3/1/2015
How long does it take for wood to become petrified 2 2/8/2015
I have a petrified hornets or wasps nest that I found in Louisiana. Can anyone tell what I should do with it? I thought about having it cut in half ju... 0 1/3/2015
Good Morning, I found a nice piece of petrified wood on the beach in Bandon Oregon. The wood looks like it was burnt at one time. Could anyone gi... 0 12/6/2014
How long does it take for a animal tooth to petrify 1 10/23/2013