Operation Barbarossa
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  Subject Replies Date
What were some of Germany's reasons for wanting to invade the USSR? 2 10/27/2016
The theory of Soviet offensive plans 2 10/26/2016
What beliefs did the Nazis hold about the Soviet Union, that led to the implementation of Operation Barbarossa? 3 8/20/2015
What are good books or sights to research this topic in detail? i need websites that my teacher will approve of. 0 11/17/2014
How many soldiers and civilians were killed and wounded during operation barbarossa? 0 3/12/2014
To what extent did Operation Barbarossa result in the defeat of Germany in WW2? 2 1/13/2014
How did Germany prepare for the invasion? 2 5/12/2013
How did the Soviets prepare for the German invasion? 2 3/9/2012
Nazi-Soviet relations before Operation Barbarossa 1 3/9/2012
Why did Operation Barbarossa fail? 4 1/2/2011