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Was the social security a relief program? 0 11/8/2015
What was the prevailing attitude towards receiving assistance (government or otherwise) before the New Deal? When did it change to today's feelings... 0 9/24/2015
How did the New Deal change the American economy? 5 8/21/2015
Why was there a need for the New Deal? 1 8/21/2015
How did the agricultural reforms of the New Deal help the economy? 3 8/20/2015
Did Roosevelt over stop the federal government when he created the new deal 0 9/13/2014
What crucial events proceeded the New Deal? 2 7/17/2014
New deal 0 4/11/2014
Why do you think the FDR’s New Deal programs were nicknamed “Alphabet Soup?” 0 2/17/2014
Where did Roosevelt get ideas for the New Deals programs and policies? 0 1/24/2013
What sort of bank reforms did the New Deal create? 2 1/1/2011