Louisiana Purchase
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  Subject Replies Date
Who found the gold in the louisiana purchase 0 2/5/2016
Louisiana Purchase 0 10/30/2015
What was the consequences of the louisiana purchase 1 10/30/2015
What was the western edge of the louisiana purchase in louisiana? 0 6/16/2015
Why did jefferson send lewis and clark on their expedition 0 4/7/2015
What happened to the size of the united states after the lousiana purchase? 0 4/7/2015
How did we pay for the Louisanna Purchase? 0 8/4/2014
Who was the persons who negotiated thr treaty for the purchase of the louisiana territory were? 0 11/19/2013
Why did Jefferson want the Louisiana Purchase? 2 5/13/2013
What countries were negotiating for ownership of the Louisiana Territory 0 3/18/2013
Who sold luisianna to us 3 2/16/2013
Negotiation 1 4/9/2012
What reasons did some people find to oppose the Louisiana Purchase? 2 3/8/2012
What reasons did Napoleon have to want to sell the territory? 2 3/6/2012