Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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Why is coverage of the conflict so one-sided? 0 10/23/2019
How will the conflict escalate if Netanyahu is able to carry out his promise to annex large portions of the west bank. 2 9/23/2019
Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was a terrible idea 2 4/23/2019
Is the top of the new Hurva Synagogue higher than the top of the Al Aqsa Mosque? 2 3/22/2019
Homeland for the Jewish people 2 2/9/2019
This Conflict seem more spiritual than political 2 12/27/2018
What extent did the Suez Crisis of 1956 mark the end of British influence in Middle Eastern affairs? 1 12/7/2018
International Conference: A World Without Walls 2010 (Berlin, 6th - 10th November 2010) 0 9/30/2018
I heard from somebody that this whole conflict was started by 2 brothers eons brothers people thought and went one way, and the other brothe... 8 9/15/2018
Is defending our own homeland can be labeled as terrorism? 23 8/21/2018
How the world has fallen for Iran and Hamas propaganda 1 7/30/2018
Why do the ultra-left ignore the cold hard facts ? 4 7/17/2018
Why the two state solution not implemented? 0 7/13/2018
The correct response to Hezbollah rocket attacks. No violence at all? 6 5/11/2018
Will the Israelies ever make peace with the Palestinians? 11 5/2/2018
How did the 1982 war in lebanon shape the views on todays isrealis and palestinians? 5 4/22/2018
"Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be." -from "The Present" 0 4/13/2018
Eretz Israel? Or the Land Free from Jews? 9 3/2/2018
Jews have a right to have a nation that can protect us from persecution 9 2/25/2018
Will the Arabs ever make peace with Israel??? 10 2/24/2018
Was there ever a palestinian state? 19 2/14/2018
Palestine & Palestinians related critical discourse analysis Hello everybody! I'm doing critical discourse analysis (CDA) for my graduation proje... 3 2/2/2018
The Land of Israel is FOR EVER and throughout Eternity 33 12/15/2017
Hey,do you think that isreal actually committed a warcrime following what they did in palestine. 7 11/8/2017
Does Israel over the low and why the US giving all the support to a creminal country? 12 7/2/2017
The reign of Lord Jesus Christ in the Millennium. 0 5/1/2017
Israel has no right to exist 13 2/25/2017
Israel is and always has been the aggressor in this conflict 13 2/8/2017
Orders of destruction in Jewish books 4 8/14/2016
The new Covenant “with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah”. 20 7/23/2016
With Hamas announcing that it will no longer resort to violence, recognize the pre-1967 borders, and it leaders either resigning or announcing they wi... 33 2/6/2016
Is the Palestinian - Israeli dispute a long held one? 5 9/22/2015
What is the official LCMS position regarding the Isralie Palestinian conflict? Do they think Israel should give them the land that God gave to them? 7 9/19/2015
If the Israeli's claim that the Holy Land is theirs by God's order, then consider that the Jewish scribes translated the Cuneiform alphabet on clay ta... 2 7/21/2015
Can we realy trust the jew? just aquestion , i believe all our trouble in the world due to the jews dishonsty sorry that my feeling , i hope am wro... 19 6/10/2015
I believe the Jews have full rights to Eretz Israel, not the Palestinians. Who can prove me wrong ? 14 5/21/2015
I thought Isreal was the name God gave Jaccob after he admitted what he did to Esau and was forgiven (from psalm 46 to 49)my question is;seeing as bei... 2 5/18/2015
American hidden agenda 1 5/8/2015
GAZA: Israel's UNoccupied, occupied territory. 16 5/1/2015
Why is Gaza still considered an "Israeli Occupied Teritory" when Israel completely withdrew both its military and its civilian "settlers" SIX YEARS AG... 3 5/1/2015
Conflict + Natural Disasters= ????? 4 3/17/2015
The Garden of Eden in Lebanon - A reason for peace in the Middle East? 1 2/14/2015
What do you think is the policy to adopt over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? 6 6/17/2014
Is the existence of a State of Palestine more important that the freedom of the people of the area? 6 6/16/2014
What is the root cause of the conflict? 15 4/9/2012
Does Israel deserve credit for starting the conflict? 7 1/1/2011