Herbert Hoover
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Hoover's humanitarian efforts 1 10/26/2016
What are 5 things that Hoover did while in office?? 0 11/22/2014
Herbert Hoover, previous political positions??? 0 11/9/2014
Hoover's Presidential policies 1 7/18/2014
Hoover's economic policies 2 5/13/2013
The ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol(as provided by the eighteenth amendment was called what? 0 4/30/2013
Why did he leave from cabinet 0 3/25/2013
What did President Herbert Hoover do for the people as a republican? 2 2/28/2013
Hoover's influence on radio broadcasting 0 3/7/2012
Accomplishments as Secretary of Commerce 1 2/5/2012