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Hi i want to design a water bath vaporizer which liquid oxygen enter in a coil tube @ -196 0C and leave the vaporizer with gas phase @ 10 0C and the ... 0 1/7/2018
Dear all, I'm a newbie in heat exchanger. I'm still studying LMTD method. But, I'm confused in choosing correction factor F. In Schaum series of "THE... 0 5/8/2017
Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum.I'm doing cfd analysis on heat exchanger in Star CCM+.While doing meshing i can't able to mesh the interface be... 0 3/26/2017
Heat exchanger 0 3/26/2017
Why in shell and tube heat exchangers, fluid of which condensation takes place is taken outside the tubes 1 11/22/2015
Why heat transfer to/from the hold and cold liquids is different 0 11/20/2015
What is the approxmimate cost to install a standard heaat exchanger is a single family residence? Thanks! 1 10/17/2015
Is it possible to have some (although small) amount ot contamination to the high pressure side of a heat exchanger? 1 10/8/2014
Counterflow heat exchanger design problem: I am using three passes in the heat exchanger, as the length is limited to 40 cm. The working fluid whic... 0 9/29/2014
Hi guys, Can you please tell me the companies or manufacturers which have existing commercial louver-fin round-tube heat exchangers(aluminum or coppe... 0 9/26/2014
Technical Queries on Heat Exchanger... 0 6/25/2014
I,m looking for information about circular graphiteblock heatexchangers(vertically positioned) used in hydrochloric acid duty. Our life time between... 0 1/30/2014
Dear colleagues, We are Ukrainian company looking for designer and producer of air-to-air plate-in fin compact and high efficiency heat exchanger ... 0 8/6/2013
Greetings to all... :-) Does anyone know a clear definition of "number of tube passes" in a fin-and-tube heat exchanger? Does it only depends on ho... 0 6/20/2013
Inlet/Outlet Temps of Heat Exchanger...Tube side 0 6/18/2013
Sir, We have to buil one heat exchanger which can reduce heat rapedy from 800 dgree to 30 degree of size 2000mm x3000mm glass plate unfomely form on ... 0 3/28/2013
Sir, We have to buil one heat exchanger which can reduce heat rapedy from 800 dgree to 30 degree of size 2000mm x3000mm glass plate unfomely form fro... 0 3/28/2013
Scaling on the bottom tubes surface only 0 12/17/2012
There is a note in remarks section (Turn down is 50%)in fin-fan cooler specs.Can somebody explain what does it mean. 0 12/14/2012
How to calculate the required heating surface of a plate type heat exchanger when the flow rate and inlet & outlet temperatures of the hot and cold li... 2 11/25/2012
condenser tube leakage detection for tube side hydrotest 0 11/12/2012
During hydrotest of tubes ( tube side ) in condenser leak is found but how to find out in which tube the defect is there , or whether the defect is th... 1 11/12/2012