Heat exchanger
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Counterflow heat exchanger design problem:

I am using three passes in the heat exchanger, as the length is limited to 40 cm. The working fluid which is water, flows under the influence of gravity. The tube carries hot water, and the shell, cold water. The type of flow is counter flow. The hot stream loses heat to the cold stream TWICE, once in each pass, as the length is limited and i want to ensure that maximum amt of heat is transferred. The problem is, i don't want the reverse to happen, in case the cold stream is already hotter than the hot stream at exit of the first pass. How do i determine the temperature of the streams at the outlet, for a given mass flow rate, inlet temperatures, length and dia of pipes, specific heats of the pipe material?? The tubes are horizontally placed, with an inlet on the top and outlet at the bottom. Will probably use baffle plates to ensure better heat transfer.