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Hi, I read sometime ago that Ciceron said that it would like to see before his dead the face of the godess Hestia. I would like to know if somebody... 0 8/31/2019
How does king priam show honour and how do his actions become heroic in book 24 of the Iliad 1 2/13/2019
Nymph Aba of Catalca, Turkey. 1 1/27/2019
Greek mythology for kids (or adults) 0 10/2/2018
Who was the god that people forgot about, so he ultimately disappeared? 0 9/8/2018
Greek Mythology and Historical Action Figures - Gorgons, Spartans, Athenians, oh my! 0 6/17/2018
I was just wondering if anyone could help me with my Ancient History assignment? I need an essay question on Greek mythology. I just can't think of an... 0 6/12/2018
Greek mythology and modern actors. 0 3/25/2018
Myth Definition 0 3/24/2018
I am a complete newcomer to greek mythology, so i dont actually know if the question will make sense, but something came up in conversation of watchin... 5 2/12/2018
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, 0 12/9/2017
Doubt of Atlas Myth 2 5/12/2017
Does anyone know who this sculpture is of? Thanks in advance!! 0 4/22/2017
I heard this name somewhere and I have no clue if it even pertains to this or not, but I'd like to know if anyone has any information on the name Ashe... 0 1/12/2017
How would you go about writing an essay on fate vs. free will in relations to greek mythology. Instead of just trying to say fate wins over free will ... 1 10/24/2016
What part (if any) did Rhea have in the war between the gods and the titans? 1 9/25/2016
What are some greek mythologies stories about time or change? 1 3/27/2016
How was Greek Mythology Invented??? 4 2/2/2016
If anybody has any info on any kind of greek mythology let me know i need to do a report on it i have the book i just dont have the time to read it an... 1 1/12/2016
Herakles carried arrows and a "great club"; but he didn't start out with these. Anybody know at what point he first picked them up? 2 12/1/2015
Battles Between Heroes 4 11/13/2015
Where to go to school for archeology (greece) and egyptology. 0 11/7/2015
Greek men travelling 2 11/2/2015
How do we know that the grek Gods ever exsisted? From what I have researched most of them were made so that certain people would be more respected or ... 3 10/25/2015
SUPPORT "KYPRIS"! 0 9/20/2015
"Luxury,more deadly than war,broods over the city,and avenges a conquered world." This quote is by Juvenal,a Roman satiric poet,what does he mean b... 1 7/27/2015
Do greek gods still exist? 6 7/10/2015
How is the most power full god 3 6/16/2015
Why does it always have naked ladies? 2 6/12/2015
Sister haunting my family 1 5/21/2015
Not sure if he was Greek but what were Nostradamus chaos/dist ruction theories 2 4/25/2015
What kind of people were the people in Thebes? Were they peaceful or warlike? 1 4/24/2015
Who was the Mythological creature of Thebes? 1 4/24/2015
Now if the Spartans survived, how would that change history? 2 4/5/2015
Ancient greece 1 2/5/2015
"Oedipus the King" When is the climax of the play and what is the resolution? Where in the overall story is the play's point of attack? what sets t... 1 1/21/2015
Greek tutor 1 1/4/2015
Based on her words and actions is Hesiod's Theogony, define the Timai of Gaia. Anyone help me with this? 1 11/1/2014
What did Agamemnon acually have to do with the "Treasury of Atreus" it is said that it wasn't his tomb there was no body found. I can't find a relatio... 0 10/23/2014
Why are some men intimidated by a woman's success in their life and careers. 6 8/31/2014
How do you define "Virtue Ethics" 2 8/2/2014
The Greeksasa whole; liberal conservative? 1 7/24/2014
To what extent do you think that the Greeks really believed in the gods or were they just manifestitations of various morals? 1 7/24/2014
Does anybody know a famous wall painting in the first style? and in the second style ? if yes what are the names of them.? 1 7/12/2014
Can any expert help me identify the scene in the etching on this glass? Thank you very much. 0 5/24/2014
What is the birth of Set like? Is it on his own time? Or does he rip hiimself out? Or none or both? 3 5/19/2014
How did God Anteros Die? 3 5/15/2014
Berenice II of Egypt. Why was she such an influential, aspiring woman of her time? How did she leave her mark on poetry and religion? 0 5/12/2014
Who is Andromeda? 4 4/22/2014
Read my fellow readers! 2 4/22/2014
Medusa like you've never seen her before! 2 4/18/2014
How do the two kinds of strife mentioned by Hesoid differ? 0 4/13/2014
What is a main story about charon? 2 4/6/2014
Is there any undiscovered artifacts 2 4/5/2014
Artemis 4 3/25/2014
What was an accomplishment or lesson? 0 3/23/2014
How many stars are involved in the constellation perseus 2 3/18/2014
Why was neptune god of the sea worshipped? 7 3/13/2014
Who came up with Greek mythology? 3 3/8/2014
Hello, I was thinking to myself the other day and i was wondering. You know how you hear thunder long after you see the lightening. I was wondering if... 6 3/8/2014
Who creatid greek black fuger pottery ? 0 2/28/2014
What are the 'varying names' of Daedalus's nephew? I know he is said to be a partridge, but are there any myths involving him? 1 2/18/2014
How is odysseus famous? 4 2/18/2014
When was the light house of alezandria built 1 2/17/2014
Joseph Campbell advocated Jung's theory that mythology was originally spread along trade routes? 0 2/8/2014
What is your reaction about Greek Mythology? 4 2/6/2014
Who is melpomene? Was she one of the muses? 2 2/3/2014
Which God is Janus? 3 2/3/2014
Which Mycenaen king led the Greek army in the Trojan War? Agamemnon Minos Priam Theseus 1 2/2/2014
Caerus, the god of the right or opportune moment is a son of Zeus. Who is his mother? And a second one: are there any depictions of sophrosyne and ... 0 1/29/2014
Do you believe Rembrandt van Rijn understood Greek mythology? 0 1/29/2014
What does cyclops eat 3 1/14/2014
Will Shlomo Mousaieff help Iceland- asks Cassandra13 0 1/9/2014
what does posideon* say to the Phaeacians before he killed them?.. 0 12/6/2013
Need to know about Hydra constellation and the mythology behind it? 1 12/6/2013
I need to know what the connection is between Sart, Sardes, Penelope and a plant? Sart, Sardinya Island and Penelope are connection with a plant..... 0 12/4/2013
Why do people use greek customs and religion today 1 11/24/2013
Summary of chapter 4 for minos and the heroes of homers? 0 11/11/2013
In the Illaid/Odyssey who is the son of Priam, the king of Troy? 0 10/24/2013
What word decribes why many of the Greek-myth heroes should have tragic ends? 5 10/24/2013
Flood is a major occurrence in many mythologies. discuss comprehensively the role of a flood as a mythological/ biblical events. discuss interesting p... 0 10/22/2013
What historical events and historical figures are associated with Thebes,Greece? 1 9/15/2013
What myths and mythological figures are associated with Thebes,Greece. 0 9/15/2013
Why did the greeks sculpt their people naked? Why arent they a little more conservitive? 6 9/14/2013
Diomedes is under rated 3 6/21/2013
In the iliad it says that Diomedes killed Aeneas. then in the Aeneid Aneas leads the trojan out of troy. how is this possible? 2 6/21/2013
What was greek mythology like way back then and how did it start? 6 5/26/2013
Did Gods favor a person or an army at times? 4 5/14/2013
Did the ancient Greeks have healers during times of was? 3 5/12/2013
In Greek mythology, is thunder to the left of Troy a sign of fortune? 1 5/12/2013
What is the lion gate at mycenae? 1 4/30/2013
How old compared to others? 1 3/24/2013
I'm not sure about how cadmus became k.of thebes, would this be after ogyges married thebe? if this is the case then how does cadmus tie in with ogyge... 0 3/1/2013
Conservative Poet Tom Zart's = ALEXANDER THE GREAT 1 2/10/2013
Minor agricultural deity who was absorbed into the cult of demeter especialloy at eleusinianmysteries is ? 0 11/29/2012
how is prometheus a champion of men in greek mythology? 4 9/9/2012