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How close are we to nuclear fusion power plants? 0 10/23/2019
Is there an alternative to using sulfuric acid in refining oil 0 7/11/2019
Why develop led cob technology? 0 7/21/2018
Why not let the power of the sun and the heat of the inner earth do most of the work for us? 0 4/5/2018
Novel RotaryTurboInFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project - Featured Development-Atypical Motor Engine Type 0 3/25/2018
Processing Ethanol Byproducts( Alternative Energy Patent Study) 0 10/31/2017
What are the significant differences between a gas generator and a gas turbine generator 0 7/26/2017
The World Is Saved !! New Energy Discovery !! 0 1/11/2017
GOD PARTICLE . 2 7/31/2016
Heat Engine 0 6/22/2016
Novel Rotary-InFlow Technology / Gearturbine Project – Featured Development 0 5/2/2016
Can we use cosmic energy ? 1 1/28/2016
Nat Gas 0 1/19/2016
Is there anyone out there posess a smartmeter in their home? I have heard spme discussion on this matter and I am wanting more spontaneous opinions. 1 12/6/2015
Hi everybody i have a ups in my home i want to connect a solar panel to it which will draw current from the sun and charge the battery and in turn t... 0 10/21/2015
Save or Use? 2 7/19/2015
New Thermodynamic Option / Atypical InFlow (Fueled) Technology - Gearturbine Project 0 5/26/2015
State oft he Art Novel InFlow Tech / Imploturbocompressor - One Moving Part System Excellence Design 0 5/23/2015
All these advertisements about making your own electricity with magnets and solar panels etc., - is it really possible? Are these advertisers reall... 2 5/23/2015
What is the minimum draft required by the smallest ship carrying liquified natural gas plants? 0 4/21/2015
What is the smallest vessel or ship that can carry liquified natural gas plants? 0 4/21/2015
Are there viable natural gas electricity generation plants in the 100 to 150 megawatt range? 0 4/21/2015
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger 0 3/29/2015
What is innovative in energy developement in now days? 0 12/12/2014
GT 15 Gas Turbine by Adolph Saurer 0 10/17/2014
I am looking for information on Wind Farms in Canada. Especially proposed farms to be located in Grasse & Vineland, Ontario Canada. Does anyone know... 0 10/15/2014
I am trying to build a wood stove thats fumes can be returned to flame and reburned . by drawing fume from chimmy and blowing them through the flame t... 1 10/1/2014
Electrostatics: Determining Positive and Negative Charges in a Van De Graaff 0 9/29/2014
Why not nucler nucler enargy is the most efficent energy scorce on the blanit and has little air polition becids th ovios reasons why art we using it 11 8/1/2014
The best enegy 0 6/28/2014
Are there any other major sources of renewable energy apart from solar energy, hydro electric power and wind energy? 4 6/14/2014
Some Solar Road Studs with Reflectors Actually Non-Reflective 0 3/23/2014
Main Problems With Solar Road Studs 0 3/22/2014
How do magnetic fields influence the number and location of sunspots? 1 3/16/2014
Briefly describe the three steps of thermonuclear fusion? 0 3/16/2014
The Sun converts Hydrogen into Helium during fusion. Why does this process release energy? 3 3/16/2014
Can any one help with the procedure for removing the engine core of a solar C40 Centaur single shaft cold end drive from the gear box. The unit is in ... 0 2/24/2014
Permanent magnet motor 1 2/19/2014
What are the raw materials for the production of bio gas and what is the composition of cow dung??? 0 2/15/2014
What are the major determinants of demand and supply of energy? 1 1/27/2014
Can we generate energy through eclipses?(solar or lunar any)? 1 12/7/2013
What is the efficiency or output of Ram Air Turbine used in fighter planes..?? numerical value will be gracefully excepted. 0 12/5/2013
Perpetual energy without using any fuel! 1 10/24/2013
Has there been any measurements taken from satelites pointed at the earth using such equipment as a gamma ray spectrometer? Steve thorplegacy@gma... 0 10/15/2013
Repeat my experiment with tesla coil for energy crisis- or face ww3 very soon 4 3/30/2013
My Q's are ralated to Electrical Engineering..... Can anyone inform me 1. How to calculate step & touch voltage ? 2. What is the importance of the ... 0 12/29/2012
Green Energy Summit 2009: Clean Technology, Renaewable Energy 0 11/16/2012
Whats the cost of hydroelectric energy per year? 1 9/21/2012
Should india sign "123" agreement 1 9/14/2012
Are renewable sources a profitable end for investors 2 3/7/2012
In favor of the eco system 3 2/4/2011
Will you shift to a renewable source interest of the long run if you had the option? 2 1/2/2011