Elizabeth I of England
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I am new to the site, I hope it's OK. I just wonder, is there definitive proof that Elizabeth and her cousin Mary of Scotland really never met? And ... 0 2/15/2017
ElizabethIi and Mary Queen of Scots 0 2/12/2017
How did Elizabeth I's public image change as she grew older? 3 7/19/2015
Marriage 2 6/15/2014
A local (North Devon) rumour has it that Q.E. 1 granted the people of this area a "free port" status; that is, the taw,and /or torridge rivers/ estuar... 0 3/31/2014
Name all of your husbands 0 1/21/2014
Religious beliefs 1 4/10/2013
Foreign policy 1 3/8/2012