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Easement for 22 years to be taken away? 0 2/28/2016
No Response 0 1/11/2016
Ontario, Canada: In a plan of subdivision where rights are given to building lots, can the rights be trasnfered over a dedicated public highway "Munic... 0 1/11/2016
I purchased a bank owned home in June '09. I just found out there is a utility easement that was signed by the bank after I went under contract, and ... 0 7/13/2014
If I am conveying property to Person A can I reserve an easement to Person B to cross Person A’s property. Does it matter that Person B is not a par... 0 2/23/2014
Can the landowner lease the easment to a third party? 0 10/22/2013
Can a dominant tenement place any gates or obstruction on the servients portion of an easement. 0 9/13/2013