Attila the Hun
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  Subject Replies Date
What kind of person was Attila the Hun? 3 10/27/2016
Attila the Hun in literature 1 9/23/2015
How did Attila the Hun change the course of European history? 2 6/16/2014
Was atilla predicted in bible 0 3/31/2014
How long did the Huns prosper? 0 1/29/2014
Is he homo? 5 11/11/2013
Did attila the hun really eat his two sons so they wouldn't be able to seized the throne?? if so please tell me and where you got it from .........i h... 1 10/3/2013
What was his whole name? 0 9/28/2013
Why was he so feared? & how did he get his name 0 9/7/2013
how many people did attila the hun kill 4 11/12/2012