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What was Abraham Lincoln’s greatest accomplishment? 1 1/9/2020
Controversial war policies 2 10/26/2016
Marriage and family 2 8/20/2015
When I was young (many, many, many years ago) I remember seeing a newspaper article about Abraham Lincoln pulling one of my ancestors out of the troop... 0 5/30/2015
What were lincolns views on slavery? 2 4/10/2015
I remember seeing in an old movie where an 18 year old soldier was brought before Pres. Lincoln for falling asleep while on guard duty and the pres. d... 0 3/11/2015
How many attempts were made on Lincoln's life while he was president? 2 2/14/2015
Did Ab sign documents O.K. because he couldn't spell good? 6 1/11/2015
How long did lincoln served as president of the united states 3 11/9/2014
1860 presidential election 1 7/18/2014
Is Lincoln related to the surname Smith? 1 5/29/2014
Can you tell me who has "thee Lincoln chair" that was in Matthew Bradys studio? 0 5/4/2014
Lincoln's Cancer 0 4/29/2014
History of statue of A. Lincoln in Parliament Square, London 1 4/5/2014
People said Lincoln's soul can still be seen in the White Huose, is it true or false? 4 3/1/2014
Abraham Linchon worked hard to end slavery in United States of America -By Joe Wasia 0 2/17/2014
Abraham Lincoln 1 9/25/2013
War of aggression 2 2/15/2013
Domestic policies 2 2/5/2011