(1)   A conveyance that transports people or objects
(2)   A medium for the expression or achievement of something
"His editorials provided a vehicle for his political views"
"A congregation is a vehicle of group identity"
"The play was just a vehicle to display her talents"
(3)   Any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc.) that can transmit infectious agents from one person to another
(4)   A substance that facilitates the use of a drug or pigment or other material that is mixed with it


  1. A conveyance; a device for carrying or transporting substances, objects or individuals.
  2. A medium for expression of talent or views.
  3. A liquid content (e.g. oil) which acts as a binding and drying agent in paint. (FM 55-501).
  4. An animal or (rarely) a plant on which a Hindu deity rides or sits
  5. An entity to achieve an end.