(1)   An unintentional but embarrassing blunder
"He recited the whole poem without a single trip"
"He arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later"
"Confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"
(2)   A light or nimble tread
"He heard the trip of women's feet overhead"
(3)   A journey for some purpose (usually including the return)
"He took a trip to the shopping center"
(4)   A catch mechanism that acts as a switch
"The pressure activates the tripper and releases the water"
(5)   An exciting or stimulating experience
(6)   An accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall
"He blamed his slip on the ice"
"The jolt caused many slips and a few spills"
(7)   A hallucinatory experience induced by drugs
"An acid trip"


(8)   Get high, stoned, or drugged
"He trips every weekend"
(9)   Put in motion or move to act
"Trigger a reaction"
"Actuate the circuits"
(10)   Make a trip for pleasure
(11)   Miss a step and fall or nearly fall
"She stumbled over the tree root"
(12)   Cause to stumble
"The questions on the test tripped him up"


From from a Low Franconian source: compare Middle Dutch , Middle Low German (Danish ), Frisian .


  1. A journey.
    We made a trip to the beach.
  2. A stumble or misstep.
    He was injured due to a trip down the stairs.
  3. A period of time in which one experiences drug-induced reverie or hallucinations.
    He had a strange trip after taking LSD.
  4. A faux pas, a social error.


  1. To fall over or stumble over an object as a result of striking it with one's foot.
    Be careful not to trip on the tree roots.
  2. To cause (a person or animal) to fall or stumble.
    A pedestrian was able to trip the burglar as he was running away.
  3. To activate or set in motion, as in the activation of a trap, explosive, or switch.
    When we get into the factory, trip the lights.
  4. To experience a state of reverie or to hallucinate, due to consuming psychoactive drugs.
    After taking the LSD, I started tripping about fairies and colors.
  5. To journey, to make a trip.
    Last somewhere we tripped to the coast.