(1)   Characterized by or emitting light
"A room that is light when the shutters are open"
"The inside of the house was airy and light"
(2)   Casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
"Her easy virtue"
"He was told to avoid loose (or light) women"
"Wanton behavior"
(3)   (used of color) having a relatively small amount of coloring agent
"Light blue"
"Light colors such as pastels"
"A light-colored powder"
(4)   (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency
"Light sandy soil"
(5)   (of sleep) easily disturbed
"In a light doze"
"A light sleeper"
"A restless wakeful night"
(6)   Demanding little effort; not burdensome
"Light housework"
"Light exercise"
(7)   Having relatively few calories
"Diet cola"
"Light (or lite) beer"
"Lite (or light) mayonnaise"
"A low-cal diet"
(8)   Easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned
"A light diet"
(9)   Of comparatively little physical weight or density
"A light load"
"Magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C"
(10)   Designed for ease of movement or to carry little weight
"Light aircraft"
"A light truck"
(11)   Psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles
"A light heart"
(12)   Not great in degree or quantity or number
"A light sentence"
"A light accent"
"Casualties were light"
"Light snow was falling"
"Light misty rain"
"Light smoke from the chimney"
(13)   (physics, chemistry) not having atomic weight greater than average
"Light water is ordinary water"
(14)   Of little intensity or power or force
"The light touch of her fingers"
"A light breeze"
(15)   Moving easily and quickly; nimble
"The dancer was light and graceful"
"A lightsome buoyant step"
"Walked with a light tripping step"
(16)   Of the military or industry; using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment
"Light infantry"
"Light cavalry"
"Light industry"
"Light weapons"
(17)   (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims
"Efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings"
"Clear laughter like a waterfall"
"Clear reds and blues"
"A light lilting voice like a silver bell"
(18)   Silly or trivial
"Idle pleasure"
"Light banter"
"Light idle chatter"
(19)   Intended primarily as entertainment; not serious or profound
"Light verse"
"A light comedy"
(20)   Having little importance
"Losing his job was no light matter"
(21)   Used of vowels or syllables; pronounced with little or no stress
"A syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"
"A weak stress on the second syllable"
(22)   Less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so
"A light pound"
"A scant cup of sugar"
"Regularly gives short weight"
(23)   Very thin and insubstantial
"Thin paper"
"Flimsy voile"
"Light summer dresses"
(24)   Weak and likely to lose consciousness
"Suddenly felt faint from the pain"
"Was sick and faint from hunger"
"Felt light in the head"
"A swooning fit"
"Light-headed with wine"
"Light-headed from lack of sleep"


(25)   With few burdens
"Experienced travellers travel light"


  1. To start (a fire).
  2. To illuminate.

Etymology 2

. Cognate with Dutch licht, German Licht.


  1. The natural medium emanating from the sun and other very hot sources (now recognised as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 400-750 nm), within which vision is possible.
    As you can see, this spacious dining-room gets a lot of light in the mornings.
  2. A source of illumination.
    Put that light out!
  3. Spiritual or mental illumination; enlightenment, useful information.
    Can you throw any light on this problem?
  4. Facts. pieces of information; ideas, concepts.
    • 1621, Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, Book I, New York 2001, p. 166:
      Now these notions are twofold, actions or habits [...], which are durable lights and notions, which we may use when we will.
  5. A notable person within a specific field or discipline.
    Picasso was one of the leading lights of the cubist movement.
  6. A point of view, or aspect from which a concept, person or thing is regarded.
    I'm really seeing you in a different light today.
    Magoon's governorship in Cuba was viewed in a negative light by many Cuban historians for years thereafter.
  7. A flame or something used to create fire.
    Hey, buddy, you got a light?
  8. A window, or space for a window in architecture
    This facade has eight south-facing lights.
  9. The series of squares reserved for the answer to a crossword clue
    The average length of a light on a 15x15 grid is 7 or 8.
  10. A cross-light in a double acrostic or triple acrostic.


  1. having light
  2. pale in colour
  3. served with extra milk or cream

Etymology 3

. Cognate with Dutch licht, German leicht, Swedish lätt, Norwegian lett.


  1. Of low weight; not heavy.
    My bag was much lighter once I had dropped off the books.
  2. Lightly-built; designed for speed or small loads.
    We took a light aircraft down to the city.
  3. Gentle; having little force or momentum.
    This artist clearly had a light, flowing touch.
  4. Low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.
    This light beer still gets you drunk if you have enough of it.
  5. Unimportant, trivial, having little value or significance.
    I made some light comment, and we moved on.

:: lightweight: delicate, gentle, soft: lite, lo-cal , low-alcohol : inconsequential, trivial, unimportant
: heavy, weighty: cumbersome, heavyweight, massive: forceful, heavy, strong: calorific , fatty , strong : crucial, important, weighty


  1. To unload a ship, or to jettison material to make it lighter


  1. To find by chance.
    I lit upon a rare book in a second-hand bookseller's.
  2. To alight.
    She fell out of the window but luckily lit on her feet.

: chance upon, come upon, find, happen upon, hit upon: alight, land