(1)   Make or cause to be or to become
"Make a mess in one's office"
"Create a furor"
(2)   Create or manufacture a man-made product
"We produce more cars than we can sell"
"The company has been making toys for two centuries"
(3)   Pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity
"Don't disturb him--he is creating"
(4)   Bring into existence
"The company was created 25 years ago"
"He created a new movement in painting"
(5)   Invest with a new title, office, or rank
"Create one a peer"


From , from , the past participle of .


  1. To put into existence
    According to the Bible, God created the universe in six days
  2. To manufacture
  3. To design, invest with a new form, shape etc.
    Couturiers create exclusive garments for an affluent clientele
  4. To be creative, imaginative.
    Boys usually enjoy creating, never mind if it's of any use
  5. To cause, bring a (non-object) about by action
    A sudden chemical spill on the highway created a chain-collision which created a record traffic jam.
  6. To confer a title of nobility, not by descent, but by giving a title either initiated or restored for the incumbent.
    Henry VIII created him a Duke.
  7. To confer a cardinalate, which can't be inherited, but most often bears a pre-existent title (notably a church in Rome)
    Under the concordate with Belgium, at least one Belgian clergyman must be created cardinal; by tradition, every archbishop of Mechelen is thus created a cardinal

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