(1)   A very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire
(2)   A television system that transmits over cables
(3)   A conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
(4)   A telegram sent abroad
(5)   Television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver
(6)   A nautical unit of depth


(7)   Send cables, wires, or telegrams
(8)   Fasten with a cable
"Cable trees"


Recorded since c.1205, from Old Northern French, from Medieval , from


  1. A strong, large-diameter wire or rope, or something resembling such a rope.
  2. An assembly of two or more cable-laid ropes
  3. An assembly of two or more wires, used for electrical power or data circuits; one or more and/or the whole may be insulated.
  4. A heavy rope or chain of at least 10 inches thick, as used to moor or anchor a ship
  5. (communications) A system for receiving television or Internet service over coaxial or fibreoptic cables
    I tried to watch the movie last night but my cable was out.
  6. Short for cable television, broadcast over the above network, not by antenna
  7. A telegram, notably when send by (submarine) telegraph cable
  8. A unit of length
  9. The currency pair British Pound against United States Dollar



  1. To provide with cable(s)
  2. To fasten (as if) with cable(s)
  3. To wrap wires to form a cable
  4. To send a telegram by cable
  5. To communicate by cable